How to Get Grammarly Premium For Free in 2024?


Have you ever used Grammarly to improve your quality of writing? If not then you must try out Grammarly, which is a popular tool that helps writers to correct mistakes and also improved vocabulary and writing skills.

If you are a professional writer, Grammarly should play a best friend role for you. Whether you are a student or professional, Grammar is the most important thing that will improve the readability of your content. But as we know Grammarly Premium accounts are very costly and everyone cannot afford to buy the premium subscription.

But you don’t need to worry about it, we are here to provide you with some amazing tricks through which you can get Grammarly Premium account free of cost. So just stay with us in this article to know how to get Grammarly for Free. Before that, let us know why we need Grammarly Premium.

free grammarly premium accounts

Why do we need free Grammarly Premium?

As we have already said that everyone cannot afford to buy a Grammarly Premium account and that’s why we are providing the best ways to get a Grammarly Premium account. There is also an extension of Grammarly that we can install on our browser or else we need to go with a premium subscription plan.

Here, we are sharing only genuine ways to get Grammarly Premium, many people have already used these methods and gotten some amazing results. Grammarly will help to improve the quality of your writing and will also let you know about the mistakes you are making.  So let us explore now.

How to get a free Grammarly Premium account?

So here we are providing you with some genuine ways to get a free Grammarly Premium account. Let us go through those ways –

# Grammarly Premium Free Trial

To get the free trial of the Grammarly Premium account, users need to create an account on Grammarly or can also use an existing one.

Step 1: At first, you need to log in to your account on the Grammarly website.

Step 2: Now you need to visit the Contact Us Page and then choose the Payment and Billing option.

Step 3: Later on, you need to click on I have another question option. Now just ask them that you want a Grammarly Premium account but before that, you want a trial for some confirmation purposes.

grammarly free trial accounts

They will listen to your query and will provide you with a Grammarly Premium free account. Yes, this process might take a longer time than our expectations but will get a free trial.

Still, we can use Grammarly with basic features without paying a single penny for it but if you want advanced features then you have to buy a Premium account. Also, check out How to Get Spotify Premium For Free?

# Affiliate Program

You can also get a free Grammarly Premium account by joining their referral program. It will also help to start another source of income. If you become an affiliate member of Grammarly, you will get the $25 bonus immediately.

When people get their premium subscription by tapping on your banner, they will get a commission of $20. If someone is going for the basic or free Grammarly version then you will get $0.20 per person.

You just need to apply for Grammarly Affiliate membership by registering your account. There, you need to enter some basic details of your website and the payment details that you want to link. The company will take 1 or 2 business days to approve your account. They will send you a confirmation mail that you need to verify by clicking on it.

Once you have received the approval of the Affiliate program, you will have to choose the banner template at your convenience. Now whenever a user buys a premium account by clicking on that banner, you will get $25 as a commission.

# Use Premium Codes

If you don’t want any hassles to use Grammarly Premium then you can use some Premium Codes. Grammarly started distributing these codes for some purpose, so the codes you will get are fully safe and genuine. Many websites are providing these premium codes for the users but you need to make sure that these codes are not available for a lifetime, they can get expired anytime. So you will get a free Premium account for a limited time only.

To use these codes, users need to make their account registered on Grammarly. For that, you need to Sign in and then enter some personal information, then just enter the code in last. So you can enjoy premium services with these codes. Also, check out Free Roblox Accounts with Robux [100% Working]

Free Grammarly Premium Accounts 20 April, 2024 – Usernames & Passwords

Here are a few working Grammarly premium accounts that you can use to access the premium services without a subscription. If any of the given account details doesn’t work for you, try the alternate credentials. So here we go:

Free Grammarly Accounts 2023 Passwords
[email protected] barhgon864
[email protected] StirallGk1
[email protected] emBhoyks092
[email protected] LivbaytO5K
[email protected] 5754175752
[email protected] Tangrapun
[email protected] edifaxoel478
[email protected] dapwsi953


So these are the best ways to get free Grammarly Premium accounts in 2024. As we have given the best and most genuine ways to get a premium subscription to use Grammarly. So you can go with any of the above methods and can get access to a free Grammarly Premium account.


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