How to Fix ChatGPT “Error in Body Stream”?


ChatGPT is an Artificial-Intelligence based chatbot developed in GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 Large Language Models by OpenAI. This innovative bot has been fine-tuned using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques to provide better results with time.

But as it’s currently under development, it shows different errors. Many users have reported that it displays an “Error in Body Stream” message between their conversations. 

chatgpt error in body stream fix

So, if you also face the same problem, you’re at the right place. Here, I’ll take you through some easy ways to fix ChatGPT “Error in Body Stream” quickly.

How to Fix ChatGPT “Error in Body Stream”?

The ChatGPT “Error in Body Stream” occurs due to server problems. However, there can be some other reasons too that might be responsible for it.

Below, I have shared some ways to fix the problem that you should go through one by one, and one of them will surely provide you with a fruitful result.

1. Check ChatGPT Server Status

The “Error in Body Stream” message appears mainly when the ChatGPT server goes down and fails to generate responses from your prompts.

OpenAI has a different web platform for users to check its server statuses. You can open the webpage in any browser on your phone or computer to analyze it.

If the server is down, you have nothing to do but wait. If the webpage shows an “All Systems Operational” message, the server is up and running, and the error is at your end.

2. Check Your Internet

Another possible reason behind the ChatGPT “Error in Body Stream” message can be a slow and unstable internet connection. So, if you encounter a problem, you should ensure your internet connection runs smoothly. You can try opening other websites like YouTube or internet speed measurement sites like for a complete analysis.

If the internet speed isn’t sufficient, it’ll be a good idea to restart your router or modem to eliminate minor problems. Or you can also contact your internet service provider to know the reason or to enhance the speed.

3. Regenerate ChatGPT’s Response

When ChatGPT comes with an answer, you also get an option to “Regenerate Response,” and clicking that will force the AI to provide the answer again to your query.

So, if it shows the “Error in Body Stream” error, you can use that option, and there’s a possibility that ChatGPT returns with an accurate answer other than showing the error. Also, check out OpenAI API Is Not Available In Your Country: How to Fix?

4. Try New Chat

It’s also possible that the error shows up because of some issues in the current chat window. In that case, opening a new chat thread might help you eliminate the problem. 

But you should know that the current chat history will be deleted. However, that shouldn’t be a problem as you got no help from it.

You’ll see the “New Chat” option at the left sidebar that you need to click to move to a new chat thread.

5. Reload The Webpage

A webpage sometimes gets glitched and showcases different types of errors. So, you can also encounter the “Error in Body Stream” problem in ChatGPT too.

However, a simple page reload will help you eliminate the problem quickly. But it’ll give the page a fresh restart, and you will no longer be able to see the past responses.

6. Search Shorter Requests

ChatGPT might show the “Error in Body Stream” message when searching for longer queries.

So, it’ll be a good idea to search using shorter prompts so that it understands quickly what you want to know. ChatGPT follows up on your queries, so you can keep asking about the same topic. Also, check out How To Fix Global Rate Limit Exceeded On OpenAI?

7. Clear the Browser’s Cache

As browsers cache what you browse to help you use it faster next time, sometimes it gets corrupted and shows problems. So, to eliminate the “Error in Body Stream” error, you can try clearing the browser’s cache.

If you use Chrome, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then, click More Tools.
  • After that, select Clear browsing data.
  • Then, choose the time range as all-time, check the “Cached images and files,” and click Clear data.

8. Relaunch The Web Browser

If you’re browsing the ChatGPT page for a long time, it might fail to work appropriately and showcase an error. In that case, you can close the browser entirely and wait for some time to restart it again so that it gets a fresh restart.

If that doesn’t work, you can also use any browser other than the current one, and the result might be fruitful.


So, these were the methods to fix ChatGPT “Error in Body Stream” problem. Hopefully, you have eliminated the issue efficiently and started using it again like before. If you still have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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