How to Perform Gmail Strikethrough While Writing Online


Most of the email providers support only the rich text formatting. It means you will be able to change the fonts, text styles and size and add images pictures and configure different formatting options. When adding text with the strikethrough can be done in many ways, which depends on email provider and software your business uses. So, you may copy & paste the text from the word processor, and use these options in the Web-based email, or you can use an email client like Microsoft Outlook. Some options like using Gmail Strikethrough helps a lot to make the content simple and easy to understand.

However, there are a few features that aren’t in Gmail.  You can check it by going at the bottom of your Gmail composition that provides different style settings. The style settings comprise of insert photo, font color, underline, bold, italic, underline and alignment and more. Did you find this option for the strikethrough in Gmail?

What’s Strikethrough?

Strikethrough is the format for text that is used in words and sentences with the horizontal line. It is an indication for the correction. However, don’t prevent readers when reading any pre-written text. This is implemented to delete certain elements. It’s one of these features in the Microsoft Office list for the product features.

Here comes the third method that is used for the Strikethrough in Gmail through Grease Monkey. However, before jumping straight on this process we will tell you something about Grease Monkey. Grease Monkey is called a user script manager. This is available as an extension in Firefox. It’s making users installing scripts that make page content on fly changes.

how to make strikethrough in gmail

How to Strikethrough in Gmail?

Here we will focus on 3 different methods, first is via Google Docs, second is by MS Word and third is by a special tool called Grease monkey. First, let me explain you the main reason why Gmail missed out this important feature. If you ever want to see the difference in the content, text formatting is the main area for online writing. It’s influential and attractive, and the way it’s approached and received. When you’re mastered with this basic text formatting, you will learn the key skill of working online.  Since you know that the Google Docs and Gmail use a similar platform. There’re a lot of options that you have to learn and is usable in Docs, Sheets, or mails. Strikethrough in Gmail is an option.

1. Strikethrough Text in the Gmail through Google Docs

We’re mentioned above, Gmail strikethrough is the feature that isn’t available for the current version of Gmail, however, do not think that Gmail hasn’t the ability to execute in Gmail text. We generally aren’t in using this strikethrough in Gmail, however always to learn new skills for improving your knowledge on this technology. In MS Office, you will get an option for the strikethrough in the font option.

However, in Gmail, it isn’t directly given and you can drive this option through Google Docs. For that, you need to write in Google Docs or do strikethrough. Just do this and copy by ctrl c & paste in Gmail by ctrl v or use the mouse? Let us understand it in step by step procedure below.

  • Log in to the Google Docs, using essentially that it requires.
  • Go to the file column and where you select on the new document, and type any text.
  • Select one text that you are looking to strikethrough.
  • Here you need to select Format that you want in the Gmail and go for strikethrough in the Google Docs.
  • Copy this text from Google Docs and then paste in Gmail.

Finding this convoluting, but makes your job done. You must stick on to this formatting style till you find desired text format. Here you require Rich Text that can allow you to do settings.

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2. Strikethrough Text through MS Word

When you’re trying to use the Strikethrough in Gmail through MS Word, you actually have several options given by Office Suite. And here you may use the single or the double lines, and X’s strikethrough character and slashes or bold lines.  So, before going to this process, let us understand strikethrough.

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3. Make Bold Text in Gmail

There are several times when you need to highlight any particular text. For doing so, we make the particular text bold so one can easily understand. Here, the steps are given to make bold text in Gmail.

  • First of all, login to your Gmail account and click on the Compose button.
  • Now, type in the box whatever you want to write in the Gmail.

gmail strikethrough

  • After that, select the text which you want to make Bold.
  • Click on the “B” icon which is situated just below the panel.

make gmail strikethrough

  • You can also press the Ctrl + B key simultaneously on your Keyboard.
  • That’s all. You have now made Bold text through the Gmail.

Final Words

With this article, the readers will be fully aware of Gmail strikethrough. Now you won’t have any kind of problem to strike through in Gmail, iOS or smartphone. Suppose you have used MS Word before you would be familiar with a strikethrough, and we have also told you the characteristics of strikethrough, now you have a little idea what we’re talking about?


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