How to Get Audible Student Trial Discount in 2024?


Audible is becoming the most obvious and greatly accepted mode of learning and studying for students, considering the massive collection of audiobooks it offers. Now students can keep track of the essential sources in the form of a wide genre of books anytime and anywhere. Considering its massive popularity Audible has created a revolution right from earlier times when surfing books and visiting libraries was a common practice.

There are wide and extensive ranges of audiobooks that students find helpful to strengthen their academics while enhancing their confidence level before the exam. Now, in order to ease the pockets of students, is the audible student discount that further gives them the convenience to prepare without financially burdening themselves much.

What is Audible Student Discount?

Learning isn’t just fun but it also creates an easy and convenient approach for students to access comparably more audiobooks at cost-effective prices, than what it was possible otherwise. Audible student discount offers huge savings where their monthly or annual budget can ensure better savings to accommodate larger or greater academic opportunities derived through audiobooks

The Audible Student Membership gives 30 percent off as that comes to roughly $9.95 monthly. The students are entitled to three titles monthly. They are in the form of an audiobook, two Audible Originals, and audio-guided workouts. It is true that learning has no substitute and now discounts give students the opportunity to connect with many audiobooks for their academic requirements.

how to get audible student trial discount

Students are known to have financial limitations. Hence, they can now have greater ease to access books without burdening themselves. Thanks to discount subscription schemes that give them the power to play and download important audiobooks.

How to Get Audible Student Trial Discount in 2024?

Students are the future of the country and if they get the right atmosphere and facilities, then they potentially do wonders. Likewise, for getting an Audible student trial discount, it is important to register with Audible using the official website only. There are the following steps:

  • Begin by creating an account with UNiDAYS with the student ID you have got
  • Sign up to your UNiDAYS account and you will be able to verify Audible student discount eligibility.

verify unidays account - audible student offer

  • You will be eligible for a 49.95 monthly membership for a total period of 2 months
  • Prior to the completion of the first anniversary with Audible, it is important to reconfirm your student status and renew your student membership. In the event that you forget to reconfirm your status or you are no longer studying, then the renewal of the subscription will be done at par with the price of the Audible Gold membership. Here, you have the convenience to cancel anytime, you feel.

audible student trial discount

Students are eligible for a discounted rate for a maximum period of 4 years and on the completion of the last (fourth) year, the membership will automatically be renewed to a standard Audible Gold monthly membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Audible offer a huge collection?

Audible offers a mind-blowing list of more than 500,000 listenable titles that include classics, new releases, and best sellers belonging to different genres. You just need to play an audiobook and be in calm surroundings to get closer to the world of literature whether you are at home, in the car etc. Now gone are the days, when you used to be burdened with the sheer weight of carrying a huge collection of books with you. After all, they are now right on your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop wherever you go. Isn’t it great?

How can I maximize the savings?

Audible has affordable titles where you ensure huge savings. You can also take benefit of discount codes, reward coupons, and free trials with the aim to strengthen your savings.

Is there a free trial period that Audible offers?

Yes, Audible offers a 30-day free trial period, so the students can try first before they opt to purchase. Even canceling the membership is easy too. It has indeed transformed the way students have been studying over the years.

Does Audible offer cash back?

No, there is no facility for standard cash back that Audible offers. In fact, you can sign up for rewards that make you eligible for a $10 reward coupon in terms of three credits that you use.


Finally, the students are able to know more about the Audible Student Discount. They can greatly help themselves academically. Of course, they have their favorite novels to listen to and pass their free time excitingly. Audible gives students a specific price for audiobooks, which they can purchase based on their preference, without undergoing the phase of contract or obligations. Hence, it is the easiest way to listen, grow, and pass with flying colors. So, get the best since you deserve the best too.


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