What Channel is ESPN Plus on DirecTV?


DirecTV is the name that instantly creates excitement among the viewers. This content-rich cable TV provider in the United States has a massive library of content relating to wide genres. For example, if you are a sports lover, your eyes will sparkle with happiness, after finding ESPN channels on this service.

What is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is a subscription-based streaming platform that ESPN launched way back in the year 2018. The idea was to diversify the content through multiple devices right in the comforts of home. ESPN Plus gives you a mind-blowing series of content ranging from exclusive original shows that are absent on ESPN Network. Streamed only in the US as of now, you need to be a resident of the country to access ESPN Plus.

The viewer can look at the craze ESPN Plus brings with itself, especially when there is sports season going on. This streaming platform has an obvious attachment for the people who look for bulk content, considering it has live sports games along with original programming of its own.

what channel is espn plus on directv

What Channel is ESPN Plus On DirecTV – How to Watch?

There are following easy steps that lead viewers to watch ESPN Plus on TV:

  • Go to the ESPN App on the streaming device. In case, you don’t have the same, then download it from the device’s app or channel store.
  • Look at the top right-hand display area, where you can see the settings gear icon.
  • In order to use the settings menu, click on the button that is available on the right
  • Scroll down to account information.
  • Now, as part of the next step, log in to the ESPN Plus account to get the activation code
  • Visit espn/activate.
  • Thereby, you will be directed to follow the complete set of directions by using your ESPN Plus account.
  • You will soon get the confirmation right on your TV screen as soon as your account has been successfully linked.
  • Now, go back to the main screen of the ESPN app and navigate to ESPN Plus.

This is how you are able to access ESPN Plus on Direct TV. You are required to create a setup just once, and you don’t have to log in after that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

The viewers can watch an ESPN Plus subscription at $5.99 monthly. In case they opt for the annual subscription, they can save over 15% which is chargeable at $59.99 per year.

Do I need to sign in every time to use the ESPN app?

As part of the necessary authentication process, the viewers are required to re-enter the verification credentials. On the other hand, you may also need to re-verify the account after passing a certain time period. It is easy as the users don’t have to worry at all.

What exactly can I watch on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus offers way more than what you can possibly think and consider. Thanks to over 1,000 sporting events ranging from rugby, live boxing, golf, tennis, martial arts, cricket, etc sky is the limit literally for members. Re-live the highest moment of sports that comes with various events along with MLB as well as the British Hockey League (BHL). In short, you need to experience to believe the kind of hunger and craze that viewers have for ESPN Plus. The platform offers an on-demand sports streaming platform with an ever-growing list of original programs and shows. Yes, you can watch all of them right on this exclusive platform.

What Channel is ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

ESPN Plus can’t be accessed as a channel on DirecTV, since it works as a streaming platform. In the case of ESPN, it is available on number 206 though. Yes, similarly you can watch on-demand content with the ESPN app.

Can I get to watch ESPN+ with my cable subscription?

ESPN Plus isn’t available with the cable company.

Does ESPN+ offer a free trial?

No, ESPN+ doesn’t have a free trial currently. It used to have the same facility of same before, but in the wake of growing popularity, it has changed the rules. However, based on your need, you are free to cancel the monthly subscription whenever you want. Considering the monthly subscription, its facility comes to be quite cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – What Channel is ESPN Plus On DirecTV? ESPN Plus continues to give consistent reasons for the viewers to get entertained. It offers a one-stop solution for sports lovers to get their daily dose of fun and excitement. So, watch ESPN Plus on Direct TV and remain on the edge of your seat all through the time.


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