How to Play NCAA 14 On PS4?


Every gaming enthusiast loves to play the popular college football game, NCAA 14. Unfortunately, the NCAA 14 game is not available for PS4 users due to incompatibility. If you wonder how to play NCAA 14 on PS4, then follow this guide which covers all the necessary information about the NCAA 14 game and whether it is playable on PS4 or not!

What is NCAA 14?

NCAA 14 is the last game of the popular NCAA football gaming series. It is a popular college football game that every college footballer follows. In the year 2013, NCAA 14 was exclusively released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

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What are the features of the NCAA 14 game?

There are many reasons why every football lover likes to play this game on their respective consoles. Here’s a list of its key features that make this game stand out among others.

Realistic Gameplay

The NCAA 14 game offers a realistic gaming experience. The gameplay serves all the real movements of football players with defensive and offensive plays. Moreover, there are multiple gaming modes through which you can try to play the game smartly. Professional players can switch between these modes to make the game more exciting.

Attractive Names and Logos

What makes the NCAA 14 game unique among others is its customization options. You can customize your logos and add proper names to the logos. You are given full access to design logos for your team.

Extra Content

Players can explore a variety of options with different covers and editions. There are covers of the popular footballers. Unique editions of the game make the game more exciting for the players as they can choose their favorite edition to play the game with their buddies.

how to PLAY NCAA14 on ps4

How to Play NCAA 14 on PS4?

Unfortunately, you can’t play the NCAA 14 game on your PlayStation 4 console. The game doesn’t support the PlayStation 4 console. The NCAA 14 was the last game released by the makers due to controversy and the legality of licensing of the game.

The game was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles. These are the last consoles that support the NCAA 14 game. If you own a PS3 or Xbox 360 console, only then you can play this game, otherwise, you are not allowed to install the game on the PS4 or PS5 console.

If we talk about the ways to play NCAA 14 on PS4, then you can try out some tweaks that might not work on your current console i.e. by using the modded game. Modded version of the NCAA 14 is available on the black market which you can buy and play the game.

Is there a way to play the NCAA 14 on PS4?

There are multiple ways with which you can stream the NCAA14 game on a PS4 console. Let’s find out more about these methods!

Method 1: With PlayStation Now Subscription

You can stream out the NCAA 14 game on the PS4 console with the PlayStation Now subscription. PlayStation Now subscription allows you to play and stream incompatible games on your console. All it requires is a stable and fast internet connection to load the files of the game.

Method 2: By Purchasing the Copy of the NCAA 14 Game

Did you know you can purchase a digital copy of the NCAA 14 game to play it on your PS4? Well, you can purchase a copy of the NCAA 14 game and start playing it. You can download the NCAA 14 game on your console directly once you purchase the digital copy of the game.

There are chances of not being able to play NCAA 14 on PS4 console as it is not officially made available by EA Sports. Still, you can follow the above-given methods. If you are tech-savvy, then you can get yourself a modded version of the NCAA 14 game to play on your PS4 console.

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Final Words:

The best way to play NCAA 14 game is by borrowing the PS4 console from your friend or colleague or you can purchase one from the online stores at a discounted rate. Yes, the NCAA 14 game is available at discounted rates on many online retailers.


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