Could Excessive Links be harmful to you?


Are you a beginner in Search engine optimization? If yes then you might know that the value of link building. Nowadays google tried to filter the best website to place top ranking. So, Google is considering Article quality and the quality of links is coming from the target website. If you are building too many backlinks in a short period of time then you are in a danger buddy.

Back in 2010 before google introduced “google penguin” It was comparatively easy to rank on top with a large number of backlinks build with Software or manual. But the days are gone, now google is checking every single link if they are from authority and relevant site. So, building excessive links is nothing but a nightmare for webmasters. According to the post published on “” claims that several websites got a penalty after a google update its algorithm in September 2019 and they mention that the main reason of these penalties is for excessive link building from irrelevant sites.

Recently, I have got a client for who I working for recovering his site which got a penalty for excessive link building. I asked him how did he create such links. He replied he ordered some fiverr gig who are offering so-called SEO service which is really harmful to a website.

So, here are some basic tips you should follow to protect your website from being a penalty. Remember “prevention is better than cure” So try to follow these guides and protect your site before it’s too tale.

  • Don’t Create irrelevant link: Links relevancy is the first priority (Actually Article quality is the first) for placing top ranking on google. If your website is related to travel and you create links from finance-gaming related sites then you are at risk. Most beginner SEO expert thinks that contextual links from the relevant article are fine but they are wrong, Site relevancy along with the content relevancy is the best practice. Never get links from the irrelevant sites no matter if they have the relevant articles posted on their site. Also, read out How to do video marketing
  • Don’t Create Bulk Links: If you visit marketplace links Fiverr, Seoclerk or even up work, you will find a lot of offers about bulk link building services. You should never try such a service. I repeat you should never. If google fine a lot of links created within a short period of time then your website will never be seen on the first page of google no matter how good your content is. Build a very low amount of links (relevant) consistently and you are fine. You will notice significant rank improvement within a few months if you are building high authority relevant links. Quality is highly preferred than quantity. So, build less link but make sure the quality is superior.
  • Don’t USE PBN (Private Blog Network): back in 2010 (as I mentioned earlier) Getting rank was so easy by getting links from PBN sites. Still, now the PBN technique is practiced among some SEO experts. Getting links from PBN sites is considered as “rank manipulation process” by google and google is strictly against it. If Google finds a site having PBN links then google drops its ranking without any delay. So never think about buying links from PBN sites.
  • Be careful about Paid Guest posting: Guest posting is an amazing technique to build high-quality Backlinks. Top-rated marketers link Neil Patel and Brain Adams are always encouraging people about guest posting. But if you visit some market place (Mentioned above) you will find a paid guest posting offer. To buy such an offer you should be careful. You shouldn’t buy a link from sites with high outbound links. Always check the site’s authority, Organic traffic, Number of Outbound link and Spam score.

If you already have Excess backlink for your website then check the quality of every link. If you find links from low quality and irrelevant sites the disavow them immediately and follow the process I described above. You will get good ranking within couple of month or even weeks. So, keep in touch with my blog for more information. Thank you.


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