How to Activate UP Faith and Family in All devices?


My UpFaith and Family app is a streaming channel that is highly rich in content and comes with subscriptions to ensure quality.

InterMedia Partners looks after the family-oriented platforms that have huge content relating to faith-based programs.

Up Faith and Family – Features

UpFaith and Family offers entertainment with over 900 qualities of drama, movies, and family comedies. Subscription is not mandatory for people to browse the library content through which they can know what they will get. But, in order to watch videos, they have to spend $4.99 monthly and are able to have access to many Christian movies and shows within a few clicks from their smartphones.

The channel has popularized itself with a huge base of fans who passionately view quality content along with family-centric comedy shows and movies. In this guide, we will learn how to activate Up Faith and Family on all devices at

how to Activate up faith & famiy on all devices

How to activate UP Faith and Family On Roku, Android TV, Apple TV & FireTV?

Up Faith and Family app is known for its compatibility with a series of devices in the form of Android TV, Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many others.

Activate UP Faith and Family On Roku

Here are the following steps to undergo the activation process in an easy manner. The connection needs to be active and fast for the streaming device.

  • In the app store of Roku, search for the Up Faith and Family TV app.

hgtv on roku

  • You can easily be able to initiate while entering the Up Faith and Family TV name in the search field and then choose the correct option from the list of results that you happen to get
  • As you are in the Roku’s app section, install the Up Faith and Family TV app and open it, to start your journey of endless entertainment almost instantly.

Install UP Faith Family On Roku On Xbox

Xbox is one of the gaming consoles that is engineered to have an Up Faith and Family TV application.

Ensure an active connection to your Xbox console in order to avoid network issues during the activation process

  • In the search field of the Xbox console, search for the Up Faith and Family app, and on finding the correct app from the results, install it.

UP Failth and Family On Xbox

  • Now, as you open the Up Faith and Family TV app, there will be an access code displayed ( as a mark of safety feature for ensuring authentic activation).
  • So, you need to browse the site of Up Faith and Family from either your phone or PC and insert the access code.
  • Thereafter, you will find that Xbox starts to reload after inserting the code on the required space.

This is how you come closer to lots of entertainment almost instantly. Your Xbox console will become dearer given the awesome content that you get after activating UP faith and family in the Xbox console.

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How to Activate UP Faith & Family Android TV

Before you begin, ensure that your Smart TV is powered with active internet and go to the App Store.

  • Its your task to check whether the said app namely Up Faith and Family TV app is already present on the inbuilt app store of Smart TV or not
  • If it is already available, then simply search on Smart TV’s app store and then install it
  • But, if it is not present, then use the browser of Smart TV and look for Up Faith and Family’s site
  • After using the TV provider with the access code you have received, you proceed further with entertaining shows that you are going to receive as you act on SmartTV
  • Now, you can finally use the Up Faith and Family TV app on Smart TV with the easiest and simplest steps that you can follow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for me to watch UpTV without spending any dime?

Viewers who are looking to watch without taking the compulsory subscription feature can make use of the trial period. It is free and comes with 14 days.

How to Get Up Faith and Family on Smart TV?

It is easy to get the Up Faith and Family TV application on Smart TV with the help of streaming devices along with gaming consoles and of course while using the browser of Smart TV. In this way, you get loads of raw entertainment at your fingertips instantly. People from all walks of life can simply have their share of entertainment meant both for kids and adults.


Now, that have scrolled down the last passage of content, you have the answer to the query how to activate UP Faith and Family on all devices at There is a special craze among fans who are eager to give into the world of entertainment with the cable network. So, don’t deprive yourself of fun and enjoyment while following the aforementioned easy methods as you deserve the best too.


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