How To Fix Global Rate Limit Exceeded On OpenAI?


OpenAI is an Artificial Intelligence-based company researching this field and developing innovative projects. It has been working for years to build friendly AI to help humans in their work and gather information easily.

But, OpenAI isn’t accessible all the time as it shows different error messages to users. One of the common ones is the “Global Rate Limit Exceeded,” which many users face.

If you’re also among those unlucky users, don’t get upset. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to fix Global Rate Limit Exceeded on OpenAI effortlessly.

how to fix global rate limited exceeded on openai

How To Fix Global Rate Limit Exceeded On OpenAI?

Being in a development stage, OpenAI limits the users count at a time. So, when many users try to access it simultaneously, it displays the “Global Rate Limit Exceeded” message.

But apart from the server issues, there can be other reasons, like slow internet, which is responsible for the error. I have some ways to resolve the issue below to help you fix the problem and access the platform quickly. It’ll be better for you to try each one out and check which does the work for you.

1. Refresh The Page Multiple Times

As the error means its server is overloaded with many users and the limit of the total users is exceeded, you should wait till some people quit the bot.

But, to get in to access the chatbot, you must keep refreshing the page as there are many other users too who are trying to access it.

2. Check ChatGPT Server Status

If refreshing the page doesn’t help you fix the “Global Rate Limit Exceeded” problem, then it’s also possible that the server is down due to overload.

You can check the status by going to from any browser. It’ll display information about every project of OpenAI.

If the server is down, you can do nothing but wait until it gets fixed automatically. But if you see the “All Systems Operational” message on the webpage, the server is running smoothly without any problem.

3. Use a Better Internet Connection

If your internet is slow, you won’t be able to enter the chatbot and access it in that kind of crowded place. So, you should ensure that your internet connection has a sufficient speed of at least 5Mbps.

You can use sites like to measure your internet speed and get a detailed analysis. Also, check out How to Fix Crunchyroll Not Working On Chrome?

Restarting your router or modem will be worth restarting if the speed is not good enough. You can also reach out to your internet service provider and ask them for better coverage.

4. Clear Browser’s Cache

Cached data often interfere with the website’s working process, which showcases different problems. So, if you’re facing the “Global Rate Limit Exceeded” on OpenAI, your browser’s cache might be also responsible for that. This is why clearing the cached data and trying to reaccess the OpenAI will surely be worth it.

These are the steps to assist you in work:

  • You’ll see three vertical dots in the upper right corner; click that.
  • Then, you need to select More tools from the available options.
  • After that, choose Clear browsing data.
  • Then, you need to check the “Cached images and data” option and click Clear data.

5. Disable Extensions

Extensions are often found to be the culprits of many errors and can also prevent you from accessing OpenAI. In that case, you should also disable the extensions enabled on your browser.

To do that, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, click on the Extensions icon on the upper right side.
  • Then, select the Manage extensions options.
  • It’ll display all the extensions enabled in your browser. You just need to click the Remove button and confirm your request to disable them.

disable chrome extensions

6. Disable VPN

A VPN gives you anonymity on the internet but slows down your internet speed. So, if you’re trying to access OpenAI connecting to a VPN, that might be responsible for the “Global Rate Limit Exceeded” error message. 

This is why it’ll surely be worth disabling the VPN and trying to reaccess the platform. Also, check out Free IPVanish Accounts 2023 – Usernames & Passwords

7. Contact OpenAI’s Support

If any of the above solutions don’t work for you, then connecting to OpenAI’s support will be better. You can do that by 

  • First, visit the official help page using any browser. 
  • Then, you need to click on the chat bubble at the bottom right corner.
  • It’ll show you many FAQs; write down your query in the search bar and give you the “Send us message” option; click that.
  • A representative will connect to you and help you easily fix the problem.


So, these were the seven ways to fix Global Rate Limit Exceeded on OpenAI. Hopefully, you can now access OpenAI without any problem. If you still have any questions, please drop them in the comments below.


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