Free Spotify Premium Accounts & Passwords 2024


When it comes to music streaming platforms, Spotify is the biggest name you would get to hear. Spotify not only offers high-quality music, but it comes with a lot of features. Hence, people choose Spotify over any other music streaming app. But the thing with Spotify’s free version is that it is filled with ads that ruin your overall music listening experience. That’s why many users look for Spotify Premium Accounts online.

So they can enjoy their favorite music without any interruptions. And in case if you are looking for the same, then you are in the right place.

free spotify premium accounts

In this article, I am going to share a list of working Spotify Premium Accounts that will offer you an uninterrupted music listening experience. But first, let’s just know about Spotify Premium in brief.

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is a subscription offered by the music streaming app which comes with additional features. It comes with basic features like zero advertisements with no download limitations. Plus, you will get improved streaming quality.

With the free version of Spotify, you don’t get many features. Plus, Spotify plays advertisements in between audio tracks. As well as there are lots of limitations available on the free version. Also, check out Pandora Premium Mod Apk (No Ads + Unlimited Skips)

But by paying for Spotify Premium you will be able to get rid of all the limitations and enjoy an interrupting music playback.

Top Features Of Spotify Premium

To help you understand the usefulness of Spotify Premium, let me just quickly mention its top features:

High-quality music:

First of all, with Spotify Premium, you will be able to enjoy high-quality music. Unlike the free version, you will be able to select your preferred music quality.

It allows you to choose between low, normal, high, or very high. Or you can keep the music quality automatic, which will allow Spotify to choose the best quality based on your internet speed and strength.

Zero Restrictions:

With Spotify Premium, you won’t see any limitations. You can download all your favorite songs without any limitations, which isn’t possible with the free version. Plus, there are no limitations on what songs you can play, how many times you can loop a song, and so on. Instead, you can use and enjoy all the Spotify features without any issues.

No advertisements:

The best part of Spotify Premium is that there are no advertisements. Also, there is no doubt that Spotify is aggressive with its ads. They show so many ads that it becomes almost impossible for anyone to enjoy music. Also, check out Spotify Premium APK for a No Ads streaming experience.

But with the Spotify premium accounts, you will be able to listen to your favorite music without any ads and get an uninterrupted experience.

Unlock some new features such as Shuffling, Seeking, and Repeating:

You will also be able to unlock some of the extra features with Spotify Premium, which are not available on Spotify’s free version. For instance, you will be able to shuffle songs or play them on a loop. Also, there is a seek feature that lets you find your favorite songs immediately.

Offline downloads:

This is one of the best features of Spotify Premium. Streaming music requires internet data, and if you are on mobile, it will be pretty expensive to listen to music.  But with the free version, there is no offline listening mode. However, the premium version lets you download your favorite songs offline. So you can listen to music without an internet connection. Also, it will help you to save mobile data.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts December 2023

Now the question is, what are some of the working Spotify premium accounts? Well, to help you out below, I have mentioned all the working and free accounts of Spotify Premium.

You can use these login credentials to access Spotify without paying any monthly subscription fee. All you need to do is use the details to log in on to Spotify Android, iOS, or Desktop app, and you are good to go.

Email Address Password Validity
[email protected] sweet800 1 Year
vincent @ Leon2002 1 Year
[email protected] Matthew1919 1 Year
[email protected] Makodog1 1 Year
[email protected] 4paulsons 1 Year
[email protected] jelly253 1 Year

Updated Spotify Free Accounts – 20 April, 2024

If the above-given credentials don’t work, no worries, we have some more Spotify Accounts for you. Try these login details and enjoy Spotify Premium for free. Also, check out How to Install and Activate Pandora on Roku?

Now go ahead and check these accounts one by one and see which one is working for you. However, some of the accounts may not work while you try them. This is because other users are trying to use these accounts as well. Also, check out Download Spotify++ iOS Premium App – 2 Easy Methods

However, I do update these Spotify premium accounts regularly. So you will surely get yourself a working Spotify premium account. Also, a single account can be used by 6 members. As I am sharing Spotify family premium accounts. So go ahead and give these accounts a try.

Final Verdict:

So those were some of the free yet working Spotify premium accounts in 2024 that you can try out. Now go ahead and try these accounts out and see which one is working for you. Also, if you have any questions, please do comment below.


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