Best Solid-State Drives You Need to Go After in 2024


Discovering the best solid-state drive or SSD for your needs (as well as wants) is necessary for any system. A sluggish storage drive is a vital bottleneck that can make your processor remain there, twirling its clock cycles while expecting for data. To speed up both your writes and reads, you have to have the best SSD external hard drive.

Providing a new, functional, and super-fast SSD is the cheapest and easiest method to instill a robust performance increase to your laptop or PC. In this article, we listed the best ones you may want to consider buying for your system.

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Best Solid-State Drives 2023

Immediately heighten the performance and execution of your gaming console, computer, or laptop with one of the best SSD available on the market in 2024. Here are some of them:

Intel Optane SSD 905P Series

Potentially the most prominent brand name in boosting computers, Intel, is a powerhouse in gaming and multiple workloads, too. At just $1,130, this sturdy SSD is the most costly on this list, but many users state that it stands the test of time compared to other SSDs in the market. The 905P series also has the fastest random 4k write/read. And it highlights the “3D XPoint memory” that is at a higher rate when matched to NAND flash memory.

Samsung 860 EVO

The 860 EVO from Samsung is the best SSD you can get as it gives dependable transfer speeds and security at a low price. It is an excellent standard for an affordable solid-state drive over many years as its 1TB version only costs $150. The 860 EVO extends approximately the most high-speed transfer speeds of up to 520 MB/s writes, and 550MB/s reads on a SATA 3 interface.

Samsung 970 Pro 1TB

For most users, there is a slight demand for a pro-level SSD like the ones promoted in the market today. However, if you aspire to the supreme fastest solid-state storage available, then the 970 Pro from Samsung is the one you need to go after.

The 970 Pro got somewhat more under maximum steady read/write load times than the 970 EVO version, but it will undoubtedly outlive its technically more active sibling.

Both the EVO and Pro have similar five-year warranties, even though the Pro has a durability evaluation of up to 1,200 TB, while the 500GB EVO has only 300TB, and the 1TB version has 600TB.

If you are managing a severe workhorse of a computer, one that is beating through massive amounts of data consistently, you’re going to fancy over for the locked-in safety and authenticity of the 970 Pro.

Intel 760p Series SSD

The most reliable NVMe SSD managed to be way too costly for many users. But, those times are befalling to an end. How, you say? Well, the 760p Series SSD from Intel transforms everything. This best SSD highlights powerful performance that is only insignificantly behind the respected 960 EVO of Samsung, bragging speeds of 1, 606 MB/s write, and 3,056 MB/s read.

Nonetheless, what makes this 760p stand out is its incredible price to execution ratio. Yes, there are more agile NVMe SSDs than this, but you’ll be sure to pay a bounty for them, and honestly, some of them aren’t worth it. Intel’s 760P Series is one of the most dependable SSDs out there, not only because it is durable but also because it makes the people look forward to the future.

WD Blue SN550

This Blue SN550 SSD from WD is an extravagantly good value. Offered in 1TB, 500GB, and 250GB size capacities, it has super-fast read/write speeds, while its cheap price also makes it the best and unique. When using it, you will necessitate a motherboard with a slender M.2 slot, but most recent motherboards today possess at least one. Meaning, you do not need to bother about connecting some more wires or cables to your computer’s power supply.

The Blue SN550 is pretty much the most desirable value SSD you can purchase right now. It does not cost considerably more than the most solid SATA SSDs, and it is much faster and secured when it comes to writing and reading your files.


Whether you are replacing your current SSD or upgrading from your old hard drive to generate better execution and performance, nearly every SSD you can purchase now is more than sufficient for your needs. Get up now, and do your part for your laptop.


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