How to Install & Activate Paramount Plus On LG TV?


Paramount Plus is a paid streaming app for a reason. Since content is simply rocking and exciting it has over 2500 movies along with thousands of TV shows that viewers keep loving to the fullest. The app is compatible with LG Smart TV webOS 4.0 or above and the app should belong to 2018 or newer. You can simply install and activate Paramount Plus On LG TV from paramount plus/lg by going to the LG Content Store.

There is a $4.99 monthly charge for a standard subscription and customers can even upgrade to the premium plan for $9.99 monthly. The unwanted factor of ad certainly plays a detrimental factor in the cost of two.

activate paramount plus on lg tv

Paramount+ Subscription Plans:

Paramount Plus comes with two plans namely Essential and Premium:

Essential plan is surrounded by advertisements, so viewers have to be content with the periodical disturbance of ads. Additionally, Paramount Plus/lg lacks certain content (in terms of series/movies) from Showtime. It costs $6 monthly

Premium plan as per its name is absent from the irritating on-demand ad and has exciting showtime content. It costs $12 monthly

How to Install & Activate Paramount Plus On LG TV?

Let’s now take a look at the process to install and activate

  • The first step is to ensure that your LG Smart TV is connected to a WiFi network that has a good speed.
  • Now, on your Smart TV, launch the LG content store.
  • Go and click on the Search icon to look for the Paramount Plus app.

download paramount on lg tv

  • Remember to spell it correctly and choose it from the list of results that you receive.
  • You are about to install, so click on the “Install” button to get the app that you were looking for.

install paramount plus on lg smart tv

  • Wait to get it installed, after that “launch” it on your LG Smart TV.
  • Now, comes the phase to activate Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV.

Activate Paramount Plus on LG TV:

There are two processes of activation. Either “sign-in” to the app or use the “activation code” to activate the app. In certain LG TV models, the direct sign-in is present.

  • Open the Paramount Plus app on TV.
  • Click on “Sign-in” and choose the “On the Web” option.
  • You just need to wait for a few seconds to receive an activation on the LG TV screen
  • From your PC or browser, visit the Paramount Plus activation website.

activate paramount plus on xbox using code

  • Now, that you have received the code, enter the required box.
  • Now, that you have to activate the Paramount Plus app, click on “Continue”.
  • In order to fulfill the requirement of verification, simply sign in with the Paramount Plus account.
  • This is how you begin your time watching a series of content with the help of the Paramount Plus app on LG TV.

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Use Browser to Watch Paramount Plus on LG TV:

  • Open the web browser right on the LG Smart TV.
  • You know the official URL that is which you have to enter in the address bar. Now, the website is open in front of you.
  • In the top right corner of the browsing page, click “Sign In”.
  • Now, you need to enter the credentials that are your registered Email and password, and click “Continue”.
  • The moment you are logged in gives you the convenience of watching your favorite title.
  • Finally, have a blast with the preferred title that you so dearly want to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an issue in getting Paramount Plus on LG TV?

LG TVs are engineered to be self-reliant in automatically ensuring the viewers are always using the updated app to the latest version along with the software. Other than that, you can also manually ensure that you are running the app in the latest version.

Is Paramount Plus superior to Netflix?

Paramount+ offers an excellent platform for subscribers to watch noteworthy movies, and live streaming while Netflix has a deeper library of content and gives more choices for the viewers. It also has an algorithm of its own and has comparably greater global craze and is acceptable too.

How to be eligible for a 7-day free trial period?

On your first sign-up, you get a 7-day free trial. For the same, you are required to enter the payment details. If you can’t cancel before the ending period of the trial, then you will be automatically charged at the full price, for the subsequent month. There will be no intimation given by the company to cancel the subscription.


Finally, the post has easily specified the detailed process to install and activate Paramount Plus on LG TV. Likewise, as someone who owns an LG smart TV, you will naturally be inclined towards watching your favorite shows and movies while undergoing extremely simple steps that hardly take much of your time.


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