How to Install & Activate Crunchyroll On Samsung TV?


Most of us are fascinated by the world of anime and cartoons. The craze is more on ‘growing kids’ who love to spend their free time watching funny, creative, and thrilling content.

Even adults can now feel nostalgic about their golden past when they used to play similar games. Crunchyroll has a great collection of content to watch games, and cartoon shows in a surrounding where people can play for hours together. This and more, through watching Crunchyroll on Samsung TV to enjoy and feel excited.

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll offers a sea of anime collections. Even though they are currently different than those of yesteryears, they still have a magic of their own. It is this unspoken attachment that continues to bind the viewers and make them addicted to the content being offered by Crunchyroll on Samsung TV.

Viewers can find different types of emotions right through watching the content. Thanks to adventure, sci-fi sports, romance, music, fantasy, or thriller phase which makes they totally engrossed in the interesting times, they have. So, are you excitedly waiting to install and activate Crunchyroll on Samsung TV? Then read the post further.

activate crunchyroll on samsung tv

How to Install & Activate Crunchyroll On Samsung TV?

Screen Mirroring is an option to get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV. Let’s now take a look at the following steps:

  • Turn the Samsung TV “ON” and have an uninterrupted WiFi connection, that has good speed
  • Connect your Smartphone and Smart TV with the available WiFi connection
  • Visit Home Page of the smartphone and launch either Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Visit the “Search” icon of the app store and search for “Crunchyroll” with correct spelling
  • You have the list of options and choose the app with the exact name for obvious reasons
  • Now, click on “Install” as it starts to download Crunchyroll on your smartphone.
  • Once, it is successfully installed, it is time to ‘sign in’. So after opening the Crunchyroll app, fill in the credentials
  • After that, visit the home page to look for the preferred show that you want to see on the Samsung screen
  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ to click on the ‘Screen Mirroring’ button in order to pair it with your TV. This is the moment when you are a few seconds short of viewing interesting and exciting content
  • You will be able to see a long list of devices that are available on the smartphone, chose the ‘Samsung Smart TV’.
  • On successful pairing of a Smartphone with a Smart TV, you joyfully see the mobile screen on TV for you to start enjoying your favorite content.

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Crunchyroll On Samsung TV Using Casting

Crunchyroll supports the option of casting. You can cast your smartphone to TV, with the help of a Chromecast device. Let’s now take a look at the detailed steps:

  • Turn the Smart TV on, and pair it with the Smartphone in the presence of an internet connection that has a good speed.
  • Visit the App Store from your mobile phone and search for Crunchyroll
  • While finding the exact results, tap on the Install button and get the Crunchyroll app on the Samsung Smart TV.
  • Once successfully installed, open the app and ‘sign in’.
  • Visit the home page of Crunchyroll and look for your favorite show.
  • Now, this is the time for you to use the ‘Cast’ option on the smartphone screen.
  • Once you highlight the ‘Cast’ option you see the available device that you can easily pair with a Smartphone.
  • Search for the ‘Samsung Smart TV’ and connect to Smartphone.

cast android to samsung tv

This is how you can enjoy watching your preferred shows and content in a smart manner. Also, check out How to Fix Peacock TV Not Working On Samsung TV?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not able to connect to Crunchyroll on my TV?

There are times when the apps such as Crunchyroll are not updated to the latest version. So, a few troubleshooting methods where you need to disable casting, close Crunchyroll, reopen, and restart casting. If that doesn’t produce the desired results, then re-install the app on Chromecast too.

Is the Crunchyroll app available on Samsung Smart TV?

No, it is not available, so you can’t download the app directly on Smart TV. However, you can use ‘Screen Mirroring’ or ‘Casting’ to watch Crunchyroll on Samsung TV.

Which streaming platform has become very popular of late?

Crunchyroll is now globally recognized with over 5 million subscribers.


To sum up the post, the viewers know the process to install and activate Crunchyroll on Samsung TV. Hence, by following the above simple tricks, you are able to watch your favorite anime content within seconds. Now, you can watch Crunchyroll on Samsung TV, even when it is not compatible with your device. Hence, this is the moment to enjoy watching your favorite anime content in style.


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