Ideas about how to check if your phone is being tapped


You can live a normal life and not even suspect that someone is following you. We’re not talking about classic surveillance, where someone follows you step by step. Instead, we are talking about our devices, which scammers can use to access our sensitive information.  

You may think you are an ordinary person and no one cares about you. However, today, scammers use our gadgets against us to get what they want.  

how to check if your phone is being tapped

By gaining access to your telephone conversations, scammers can find out any information about you. You can also disclose information about yourself without even knowing it. Hence, each person should periodically check their device for suspicious activity. 

To monitor the state of your phone, you don’t need to be an expert in phones or a developer. If you pay great attention to your device, you will see that you are being kept under surveillance. 

There are several indicators that something is awry. If you notice these indicators, you may rapidly safeguard your device and enjoy a worry-free life. 

We will discuss common signs indicating that third parties can listen to your device.  

Signs you should look out for

Strange sounds  

Surely, you have watched a lot of different spy movies. In the classic detective and spy movies, you may have noticed that people first notice the strange sounds the phone makes.  

During normal use of your device, you may not even notice anything. Strange sounds may be heard if you leave a message on someone’s voice box or while conversing on the phone. We are not talking about noises that may be heard in the background of the other person or at your location. These strange sounds may come from the phone itself. 

Do not instantly sound the alarm when you hear weird sounds. However, if you hear these sounds regularly, this is cause for concern. In this scenario, you should verify your cellphone using unique codes found at You may use them to determine many important things about your phone, including whether your calls are routed to other devices.

ideas to check if your phone is being tapped 1

Strong heating and fast battery discharge  

Each of us would like to be able to charge the device once a day. However, as time passes after buying a new phone, the battery capacity gradually decreases, and we have to charge our device more often.  

We use various applications and programs that consume a lot of resources. As a result, the device can drain quickly, and you may also notice that it can get hot. Suppose you are well aware of the applications draining your phone’s battery and the device heats up. In that case, you should not worry about anything except that you will soon need to replace the battery.  

However, you should check the source if you notice no good reason for this. You can view all your applications and check how many resources they use.  

If you do not find a problem with the applications you have installed, this is a sure sign that your device has some software you do not know anything about.  Also, check out How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working (2024)?

An incomplete or prolonged shutdown of the device  

Over time, our devices cease to be as fast as when they were purchased. Device resources are short-lived, forcing us to buy better smartphones. This is a great marketing ploy. However, you may suspect something is wrong if the process of turning off the device starts to be incomplete or long.  

Various malware that collects data about you may prevent the system from shutting down completely. You may notice that there is still a minimum backlight when you turn off the device. You can also pay attention to the time it takes for the device to turn off completely. If this process is long or the display remains on, you should check your device for third-party applications you have not installed.  

Strange text message activity  

Nowadays, few people use text messages to chat with friends, relatives, and others. Instead, they are often used for various confirmations, mailing lists sent by stores, and other things.  

You can agree that you seldom check your text messages, which is in vain. You should examine the text messages you are getting and sending. You may notice that they come from strangers. You may also discover that text messages are being sent from your device to contacts you do not recognize. 

Such messages might sometimes appear weird. They may or may not include words, numbers, symbols, or characters. This might be a signal that something is wrong. 

Increasing monthly phone bills  

Many people try to save money on their monthly phone bills in various ways, for example, by using various instant messengers and social platforms instead of sending SMS. The same applies to phone calls.  

Most operations require Wi-Fi, which reduces the cost of mobile communications. Also, people try downloading applications only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi.  

If you see that your monthly phone costs are increasing, you should be concerned. If malware is installed, it must communicate received data through your mobile network and Wi-Fi. The same is true for sent SMS messages. 

how to check your phone is hacked

Weird apps  

The surest way to ensure you use trusted apps is to install them from official sources. Previously, individuals had to install them from various websites and could never be certain they were secure. However, this is no longer an issue. 

You should check your device regularly to see if there are any programs you have never downloaded. Furthermore, even if you install them from approved sources, you should be cautious about approving what data they would access. 

If you install a picture editor, for example, it does not need to access your contacts or calls. If you discover any unusual programs, delete them as quickly as possible. 


You never know what may happen to your phone. Everyone may believe they are safe, while in fact, they are not. The indicators above may reveal that your device is being kept on surveillance. Any questionable activities should raise your suspicions. 


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