How to Get Tinder Gold Free Trial in 2024?


Tinder is the most popular online dating and geosocial networking application, with millions of active users worldwide. It shows you different profiles with details like a photo, name, and small bio, and if you like someone, you can “swipe right” or “swipe left”. When two users like each other, they can exchange messages after that.

But Tinder is more useful with the Gold pass that you need to subscribe to. However, it also provides a free trial that you can access before taking the subscription.

So, if you don’t know how to get Tinder gold free trial, then you should go through the article till the end, Here, I’ll share the entire method and also share some alternative methods to get the gold pass for free.

How to Get Tinder Gold Free Trial

How to Get Tinder Gold Free Trial?

Tinder Gold free trial is only available for new users and once per account for three days. So, if you haven’t availed the benefit, you can surely get the trial.

This free trial provides you with all the premium features for that specific time period, and those are as follows:

  • You can see who liked your profile instantly.
  • It’ll suggest your Top Picks every day.
  • You can give an unlimited number of likes each day.
  • It also provides you with the authority to undo likes.
  • You’ll get five Super Likes every day.
  • It unleashes the opportunity to interact with people worldwide.
  • You’ll get one boost each month.
  • Tinder Gold doesn’t have any ads.

It’ll be better for you to try out the Tinder Gold for three days if you haven’t before. But it might also be possible that you don’t know the procedure if you’re doing this for the first time. So, to help you with that, I have shared the steps below.

  • First, open the Tinder app on your device.
  • Then, sign in to your account using the credentials.
  • After that, navigate to the Account section in the app.
  • Then, you need to click on Settings.
  • After that, click on Get Tinder Gold.
  • Then, it’ll show you some premium plans on the screen, and you need to select any from the ones to continue.
  • Finally, enter the payment details to activate the three-day free trial.

TIP: You mightn’t be unable to use the gold features instantly, so close the app and even from the recent tasks and open it again.

Note: Tinder will automatically charge you the selected amount after the free trial ends. So, you need to ensure that you can the subscription before the expiration date to save your money from getting deducted automatically.

tinder gold for free

Alternative methods to get Tinder Gold for free

Apart from the Tinder Gold free trial, there are three other methods available that you can use to experience the Tinder Gold for free. So, after your free trial ends, go through the following methods to do that easily.

1. Using a Tinder Gold Promo Code

You’ll find Tinder Gold promo codes in different places online, like giveaways and rewards, through different apps. So, you should look for those codes and use them for free Tinder Gold.

But you should know the promo code won’t provide lifetime access to a Tinder Gold account. However, you’ll experience the features for at least one month. Also, check out How To Get Peacock Premium Free Trial?

If you have a code but don’t know how to redeem it, the following steps will help.

  • First, open the Tinder app.
  • Then, you need to click on the Profile icon.
  • After that, select Promo Code from the available options.
  • Then, paste the promo code you copied and hit the Submit button below.
  • Your Tinder Gold pass will be activated instantly if the Promo code was genuine. 

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2. Using a Subscription ID Generator

Another method to get Tinder Gold for free is using a subscription ID generator. You’ll find many such tools that generate subscription IDs for your account. But you should also know that this method doesn’t work consistently.

These platforms provide the codes and may ask you to complete a few surveys or install some apps on your device. However, this method is absolutely free, and you can be lucky enough to get a free subscription ID.

3. Using Tinder Gold MOD APK

Developers from around the world develop a modded version of the app that provides you access to all the gold features for free without charging a penny.

You can search on Google for Tinder Gold Mod APK and download one from a trusted source. Then you need to locate the file and click on its name. It may ask you for permission from unknown sources, so allow that and complete the installation process. Once done, you need to open the app to start using all the gold features for free.


So, here we discussed how to get Tinder Gold free trial and some alternatives way to get that for free. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you, and you got access to Tinder Gold. But if you encounter any problems with anything, let me know in the comments below.


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