What Are The Different Types of Hosting Services in 2024?


For a startup business that’s looking for a web host provider, you might get confused with tons of options available in the market right now. Whether it’s for a personal website or website for your business, there are essential aspects you should check first before you buy a web hosting service. 

Web host providers are like high-end digital machines that act as your storage space, which offers a unique online business address and your business name for people to search and access your site anytime and anywhere easily.

The best ways to determine a web hosting provider’s credibility and reliability is to check honest and expert insights about their service. Good thing, experts like Mango Matter exist as they reviewed the best ones for small businesses to help startup entrepreneurs invest with the right hosting provider suitable for their needs. This way, you don’t need to second-guess, do trial and error, and waste money checking from one web host to another and stay focused on your goal instead. 

Why Is Web Hosting Important?

We, as humans, have been in total dependence on technology and the internet. We check for all available solutions and additional knowledge online to satisfy our curiosity. It is where websites of different niches, of various sizes, and tons of information are feeding our feeds to keep us coming back for more. 

A website hosting provider enables an individual or an organization to provide valuable content accessible through the internet or allows your site to be always live over the vast world wide web. It enables people to access your site anywhere globally through your unique Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address. 

While the competition is higher, these are the different types of web hosting services to help you decide which one is suitable for your needs and preference; all explained to clear the confusion.

8 Types Of Web Hosting Services 

Shared Website Hosting 

Shared web hosting service is the most affordable web hosting package ideal for newcomers. Several websites will be shared under one server and resources, so the price is lower than other hosting services.

It requires less technical skills, pre-installed cPanel, ease of use, and is suitable for beginners. Simultaneously, your site’s load time can be slow compared to other types, such as dedicated servers. Shared hosting can also limit your customization options. Once you have increased the generated traffic on your site, you can always upgrade to a higher server.

Cloud-Base Hosting

Cloud-based hosting combines clustered servers that offer site services suitable for individual demands. While it can be pricey and may require technical knowledge to operate, it’s guaranteed ease-to-use, affordable, and scalable. It enables you to create new sites if the server gets crowded or reduces servers with traffic reduction. 

Cloud-based hosting is ideal for websites that offer seasonal products or services. Most hosting types offer to pay what you only use as a payment structure.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller website hosting is considered part of shared hosting services but with higher technical control like web host manager cPanel. It’s ideal for startup businesses with strict budgets but requires high-end websites. This type of web host enables sharing allotted digital space with several sites on behalf of your web host provider. 

It’s cost-efficient, flexible, and offers more freedom compared to shared hosting. The hosting provider manages technical aspects and website maintenance services. 

VPS – Virtual Private Server

VPS hosting can also be characterized as shared hosting but has visualization technology that provides dedicated resources on shared hosting. In short, you’ll benefit from a dedicated server at an affordable price. 

It’s ideal in case a sudden influx of site traffic or issues over other websites, but it won’t affect your site operation. Most sites that use VPS hosting are eCommerce websites and sites that contain personal information. 

Colocation Web Host

It’s like renting a rack space over web hosts where you are responsible for your server hardware. Though your web host provides internet link, physical security, and cooling, you’re in charge of data storage, server software, backups, etc. You must have advanced technical skills and expertise for this one.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is like renting a full server from a web host provider. You have complete control and don’t need to worry about sharing servers with other websites that might slow your site down. 

Managed WordPress Web Hosting

It’s ideal for established or startup businesses and websites that use WordPress as their main platform for site-building. It offers updated status and secured websites against potential cyber threats and hacks.

Self-Service Hosting

It’s an ultimate web hosting package. You’re in charge of everything from servers, installation, software configuration, enough cooling, power source, etc.


While there are various web hosting types to choose, it boils down to selecting the [perfect plan suitable for your needs. Every plan caters to specific criteria from various groups and helps you determine what your website needs. With the right hosting plan, it can help increase generated traffic and help upscale your business to achieve your target goal.


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