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Social Media

We all know how social media influences the world in general, social networking platforms enable people to create and share content in written form or by sharing pictures and videos on different social media websites.

Honestly, there are thousands of social media websites but there are just a select few who are on top of their game. To name a few, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more.

Though all the above-mentioned networking sites serve the same purpose, all of them have different innovative ways of achieving their goal.



Instagram (IG or Insta) is one of the unique social media networking applications/sites, it was launched for iOSin late 2010 and moving further they released another version for android and also a limited feature website, after which they were acquired by Facebook. Instagram is mainly known for photo editing tools and features, users can use a variety of filters and effects on the pictures and videos they upload on the application. Instagram also lets you follow people and vice versa, this enables the sharing of pictures and videos to a large number for people.

They also have a few more features in store

  • Instagram Questions

If you remember Ask.FM, then you already know the concept of Instagram questions. This is a feature that lets you or any user answer questions that were asked anonymously by their followers. This feature has also grown a lot in popularity among Instagrammers.

  • Instagram Stories

Similar to Snapchat stories, users on Instagram can upload a selection of videos/pictures as stories, which disappear after a time period of 24 hours and these stories are not posted on to the user’s profile or the newsfeed. Instagram stories are programmed to follow the same privacy settings as the users’ profile, meaning if the user has privacy settings on then only his followers can see the uploaded story and no one else.

Downloading from Instagram

Though Instagram does not have any feature that lets you download videos or photos, there are many online tools and platforms that will allow you to download photos and videos from Instagram. There are free Instagram video downloaders available on the internet and on the app stores, the free Instagram video downloaders fill the space of a video downloader for Instagram and it is quite useful to people in general. We come across a lot of pictorial content and videos too, it so happens that sometimes we feel like saving a few of those pictures or videos from Instagram, just because of their appeal and to view it in the future. In such situations, where Instagram does not have a video/picture downloading feature, the free Instagram video downloading tools come to our aid.

The process is a very simple one, if you are using a  mobile you can either download a free Instagram video downloader or use the same downloading tools via the internet browser. In any case, it requires you to copy the URL of the required video and paste it in the required section and then click on download. It is that easy.


Downloading from Twitter

Just like Instagram, Twitter does not have an inbuilt feature dedicated to downloading pictures, gifs or videos and just like any other social media networking site, everyone comes across interesting stuff that they would like to save for viewing it in the future. To help people across the globe download videos from twitter there are free Twitter video downloaders, it can be used by anyone to download videos.

These free Twitter video downloaders help users in downloading videos and gifs onto their device. Since the videos and gifs on Twitter are embedded in the tweets you are required to copy the URL of the tweet and paste in the in “text box” of the free Twitter video downloader after which you click on download and in a few short minutes, you will have the desired video/gif on the phone.

Is It Illegal To Download?

No, it is not illegal to download content from social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter, unless it is being used for commercial purposes. If you require certain content from another user for commercial purposes, then you are required to take the permission of the respective owner of the original content. 


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