How to Stand Out as a Job Seeker with SkillHub’s Matching Technology?


Looking for a job is a perfect way to showcase yourself to employers. Unfortunately, you won’t be the only candidate for the recruiter. Many other applicants are striving to win this position.

In the case of a hiring process, you’re selling yourself to your future boss. It doesn’t have to be awkward. With practice, you’ll find a proper way to tell about your skills and accomplishments and advance in the corporate world.

How can you stand out? Keep in mind the things that will help you get noticed in the modern job market. Spare a few minutes to read our post because we will share some beneficial information.

How to Stand Out as a Job Seeker with SkillHub’s Matching Technology

Top Five Steps to Gain Recruiter’s Attention

Here’s the list of factors to help you not get lost in the applicant tracking system (ATS).

Tailor your resume

The experts say that a “one-size-fits-all” resume is not an option anymore. If you wish to land a dream job and stand out as a job applicant, you must create a 100% unique resume you won’t send to anybody else.

Apply to resume writing services.

If you struggle with the correct wording or data arrangement, use SkillHub same day resume writing service to boost your career history. Find yourself a dedicated writer who will remove unnecessary information from your resume. You may as well request a cover letter and updating LinkedIn profile to get more chances for recognition.

Use appropriate keywords.

When applying for a job, notice the professional terms and phrases employers use in their job descriptions. This will help you beat the ATS bots and look like a great potential employee to the company.

Leverage your network

The studies show that candidates who come with referrals get the job offer more often. So make sure to call your friends or former colleagues before sending out job applications.

You may go further and check out the employee referral program (ERP) for employers you’re interested in. This way, you’ll expand the number of potential referrals from future teammates. Employees will likely be more open-minded and eager to make a referral if they know how they’d be rewarded.

Research your potential boss

Don’t send an application or attend an interview before you’ve done your preparations. If you want to progress your career immediately, it’s a sure way to gain self-confidence as a qualified professional. Seeing an applicant familiar with the industry and this particular company is priceless for hiring managers. 

At least read the “About Us” section on the company’s website to navigate the hiring process. Follow the organization on social media or learn about new product releases to impress the recruiter with your profound knowledge.

Align your skills to the job requirements

Besides your current experiences, you need to have a constant learning mindset and be ready to pursue new information. 

What can you do?

  • Take online courses related to your career field;
  • Add some certifications that outline you as an interesting person (for example, related to public speaking, leadership, etc.);
  • Find out new opportunities and areas you’d like to develop in.

Conversely, you don’t have to focus on the skills alone. Highlight your professional accomplishments and the actual results you reached at work. Your past behavior can be a strong indicator of your future performance.

Get ready for a Q&A session

Hiring teams often devote 5-10 minutes of interviews to answer the candidate’s questions. Doing so shows you’re genuinely interested and motivated to win the positions. Also, check out How to Login to Your VIOC POS Account?

You’ll learn the priority projects to address by asking intelligent questions immediately. You’ll also spot any red flags which may interfere with your understanding of an ideal workplace. 

Take time to prepare your questions in advance. Don’t leave this till the last moment because you might be quite stressed and tired at the end of the interview, so the list of questions is a perfect idea.

Stand Out as a Job Seeker with SkillHub’s Matching Technology

Top Three Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you’ve learned the steps to win a position let’s go through some DON’Ts that won’t let you get that job offer.

Being late for an interview

There’s no excuse for a candidate to arrive later to interview. Plan your schedule, anticipate public transport, or leave earlier to ensure you get your foot in the front door on time. 

Being unprepared

It shows that you’re not interested in job opportunities. If you don’t know much about the company, or you can’t tell precisely what you’ve accomplished at a previous job, it can be the reason you’ll fade in the recruiter’s eyes.

Being unable to use social media appropriately

Not all employers will check your social media. However, many recruiters may look at your web pages if they feel you’re not portraying yourself honestly in your job application.


What makes good job seekers?

There’s no “ideal” portrait to implement into your job search. Effective applicants know it takes time and practice to get through the hiring process. They are patient and resilient and don’t get discouraged by little failures on their way.

What are the three qualities most employers look for?

Most employers want to see a positive attitude to work, punctuality, and flexibility when they see a potential employee. These are critical to making a perfect professional introduction of your qualification.

What to say to stand out for a job?

You need to hold yourself professionally and ask meaningful questions. You also need to express a genuine interest in a position so that an employer knows you’re motivated to win a job.

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Summing Up

When you start looking for a new job, you’ll likely bump into a crowd of other potential candidates. But there are also a number of ways to ensure your professional growth and stand out among other applications, even if they share the same set of skills.

Google Skillhub reviews services if you need to update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. You will stand out in the hiring process and get helpful advice from career experts.


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