How to Invest Money in Share Market?


There are certain things for an investor to know before they think of investing in the share market. Stock market investing offers very high returns because of the power of the compounding effect. The trading & Demat account is very important to begin trading in stocks. Do not fret! We keep you well covered with some of the best free stock apps that make your investment strategy simple. It is not a cumbersome procedure and it will be opened easily on the internet and fast without any hassle. We can learn the essentials needed for opening the Demat account on the internet.

Identify Investment Needs:

Before you place an order on the stock market, the investors should determine the needs as well as limitations. When determining requirements, users should think of the present and future requirements. The same rule will be applicable when determining the limitations. The investors should list down the incomes & deduct all costs all along with the debt obligations (in case any) for finding an investible surplus.

The important factor, which can decide share market investment policy is the risk aversion of investors. The individuals who don’t want to take the higher risks will prefer to invest in fixed deposits & bonds. Lots of investors fail and consider the tax liabilities when investing.

Know the type of trader you are

There’re basically two types of traders out there in the stock markets; one type includes one that follows fundamental investing & second type is speculators. The major difference between the two types is the way that they see the price of the stock. Investors that follow basic investing offer less importance to the price of the stock compared to speculators. These traders are highly concerned about the fundamental strengths of the company. In order, to make very good money in the stock markets, one must practice a fundamental way of investing.

Monitor Portfolio:

Most investors make the mistake of investing as well as not periodically checking out the investment portfolio. The stock exchange is quite dynamic as well as conditions are changing constantly. Tracking down the investments often is very important to exit & entry at a right time. Researching the companies where the traders have some interest is very important to prevent, and at least reduce, losses for any kind of extreme condition.

But, this doesn’t mean making decisions with each price increase and fall as patience is one important characteristic for the traders to gain through stock investing. There’re different types of stocks traded on markets. Knowing the different shares before you develop an investment strategy that will suit your personal requirements is suggested. 

Never let your emotions impact your investment strategy

Separate your feelings from any stock as a lot of investors end up losing out the money in stock markets because of the inability to control their emotions. You need to get rid of the fear & greed cycle. Never invest in speculative and unknown stock attracted by the past fabulous return without not understanding the risk that is involved that can lead you to suffer any kind of loss.

In a bear market, you need to control the fear and do not panic or sell shares at rock-bottom rates. Therefore, fear & greed are the worst emotions you will feel while investing, and it’s good not to get guided by them. 

Educate and handle basics

Before you make the first investment, you need to take a little time to know the fundamentals of the stock market as well as the individual securities composing this market. There’s one old saying: It’s not the stock market, but the market of stocks. So, your main focus can be on the individual securities that you’re investing in & relationship with the broader economy or factors, which drive the stock. There are some important areas that you must be highly familiar with before you enter this market are:

  • Understanding the financial metrics & definitions like EPS, PE, ROE, Market Cap & more 
  • Trading basics, compliances, rules & terminology as the market order including limit orders, market orders, stop-loss orders, stop-limit orders, or other kinds used by the investors, and margin money needed in case you ever want to trade over F&O.
  • Get an understanding of the market as well as its relationship with economies like market relationship with inflation, fiscal deficit, GDP, rupees values against the dollar and crude prices. People lose out the money in markets as they jump to this market without even understanding economic & investment market cycles.

Decide Best Investment Strategy

After you understand personal investment ability, investors should analyze the stock market situation to frame the right investment strategy. People should identify the stocks, which suit their requirements. For instance, if any investor wants an extra income source, investing in dividend-paying stocks will be appropriate. For investors who would like to grow their capital, selecting the growth stocks is one right strategy you can make.

Enter Over Right Time

Entering this market at a right time is a highly important market basic overlooked by the investors. Buying identified stocks at the lowest cost level can maximize potential profits investors will earn. Alternatively, exiting stock while it’s trading at the highest cost is also profitable.

Avoid Leverage

Leverage just means using borrowed money for executing the stock market strategy. At the margin account, brokerage firms and banks will lend you good money for buying the stocks. This sounds really great when the stock market moves up, however, consider another side while the stock market and stock get down.

In such a case, the loss will not just erode the initial investment but can need to pay the interest to the broker. Leverage, thus, is the tool, not good or bad. But, it is used nicely when you get to experience & confidence in your decision-making capabilities. Thus, limit the risk while you start out to make sure you will profit over the long term with help of free stock apps.

Prospect of the higher return

One important thing at the core of selecting to run the business place of investing the money in bank deposits and the expectation of a higher ROI. Therefore, businesses generally strive to make returns higher than run-of-mill investments. The trick is buying the stock, which has shown it will accomplish above with the reasonable certainty, or buy this at a good price.

Keep real goals

The traders will hope for the best from an investment that they have made, however, if they have any kind of financial goals, which are unrealistic, then they will get in real trouble. Do not expect the same returns from the stock market & have some achievable and realistic goals.

Is Stock Market Right Place For Investment?

The stock market is just like a puzzle or a maze. You require a blueprint for navigating this successfully. Without any blueprint, investors should rely on hearsay. Generally, from uninformed investors. It is just like a blind leading another blind! None can recognize they are lost.

It is the worst way of investing in the stock market.

Still, there’s a better way out there.

You should first find a successful and tried-and-tested way of stock investing. You need to spend a little time to know the blueprint. After that, take a plunge. You have to know what you can do. You have to know how you can do it in the right way. You have to know when you must do it. Just then you can expect to earn some money in this market and keep this too.

Learn The Basics First!

With the stock market at its volatile best (worst), they are indeed tough times for investors. At each rise, the participants will take an opportunity of booking the profits, with sentiment being apprehensive. In these times, what can be a best strategy you can use as a long-term investor? We actually run through the brief process for investing. We’re of the belief that in the case by following the disciplined process for investing, you may accumulate huge wealth over the long term.

  • Evaluate your time horizon – know if you are the investor or trader?
  • If you’re invested, you must have patience and the ability to keep your emotions in check?
  • Have you ever done your research before you invest your money in stocks?
  • Keep following up…

Above is the indicative procedure to use when going of investing in equities and taking the help of the best free stock apps. We believe that it’s essential to invest as per the disciplined process, and it is the best way you can earn money in the market, bear or bull, over economic as well as market cycles.

Final Words:

Investing in the share market generally yields very high returns compared to other financial assets. There’re a lot of financial products accessible that you may select from. You may opt for the short term and long term assets according to your goals and needs. I hope you have got clear knowledge about how you can invest in the share market. 


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