How to Fix 9Anime Subtitles Not Working?


Visitors love the free anime streaming website 9anime. Irrespective of their geographical location, they are simply crazy for the wide genre of shows as it gives them smiles. They find so many reasons to visit the site, thanks to the massive collection of films and TV shows that they can’t take their eyes off. 

The use of subtitles is an obvious factor that visitors associate with any online streaming platform, including 9anime. However, there can be certain circumstances and situations, that may create the issue of 9Anime Subtitles not working.

Fix 9Anime Subtitles Not Showing

Why 9anime Subtitles Not Showing?

9Anime subtitles not working can be due to many factors. Hence, there has to be a proper trouble-shooting analysis for the visitors to ensure that they are actually empowered enough to try a series of steps within their power.

Hence, it is important to ask yourself the following:

Is the device compatible?

Certain devices aren’t compatible with the format of subtitles engineered by 9 anime. This fails to create the subtitles.

Are there any technical issues?

The streaming website 9 anime may undergo server maintenance or develop technical issues, that stop the smooth presentation and highlight of subtitles.

Now, it is important to empower the visitors with the basic steps to solve the 9anime Subtitles not showing issue. 

How to Fix 9Anime Subtitles Not Working?

Here are the simple troubleshooting methods that can easily be followed:

Check the internet connection

Improper internet connection may also be the reason for failing to load the subtitles. The basic requirement for unhindered and continuous streaming is a stable internet connection. It is advisable to switch over to proper Wi-Fi to end your woes.

check internet connection

Use Different Browser

Amongst the many reasons for the 9Anime subtitles not working, there can also be a problem that your current browser may be facing. So, try a different browser to check whether you are getting the subtitles.

Check Subtitle Settings

Believe it or not, many fail to realize that the subtitles are actually “turned off” in the video player of 9anime. Hence, click the options button followed by choosing the subtitle option. Turn it on while ensuring the language that you desire to choose.

9anime subtitles settings

Refresh 9anime

Another one of the solutions for how to Fix 9Anime Subtitles Not Working is to refresh the page. Reason? The connection may have timed out. All you have to do is to reload the page, by clicking on the button and there is a high possibility of the subtitles coming back.

Ad Blockers need to be disabled

Do you know that Ad-blockers can also be the culprit for the subtitles not showing up? Yes, indeed. So, act accordingly.

disable adblocker extensions

Wait for sometime

There can also be the possibility that the subtitles are yet to be added for the specific anime. So, check after some time.

Get in touch with the 9Anime Customer Support

If still you don’t find the answer to How to fix 9Anime Subtitles not working, get in touch with their customer support. Through their years of experience in the desired field, they are better able to assist the visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 9anime Subtitles Not Showing

When did 9anime get into existence?

9anime was created in 2016 and has been gaining continuous popularity ever since.

Are 9Anime Subtitles 100% accurate?

If you consider the significance of 9Anime word by word, then they don’t necessarily work like that. They do in fact try to keep the proper meaning of the things to the best of their ability. Hence, overall, even if there are certain words that are used differently, the overall meaning is significantly kept the same.

Have there been any issues with 9anime of late?

Yes, there had been an issue in terms of the latest outage that happened on Thursday, September 21, 2023, for a period that lasted for roughly 2 hours. It has been resolved since then with no problems or issues, as the 9 anime is working great.

Why has 9anime been popular ever since?

The creators know the pulse of the audience as they timely come up with interesting aspects that further infuse freshness and continuous interest for a greater audience. Hence, the basic ideology of giving something valuable and exciting at the periodical level has worked for them to ensure its increasing popularity.

Final Thoughts

This is how through the above troubleshooting steps, you finally get the answer to the basic query of How to Fix 9Anime Subtitles Not Working. The steps are easy and simple to follow and you don’t need any technical knowledge. The post gives you respite from the turbulent times that you may have experienced in the past, where after sitting down to watch your favorite show, your happy mood becomes dull and you feel frustrated if you can’t access the subtitles on 9anime. So, hopefully, now you are able to make the streaming experience more enjoyable.


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