6 Tips to Promote Your Blog On TikTok


TikTok is a world-famous app that entails short videos on all niches. It is an effective social media tool that can improve content marketing too. The short videos on the platform will not be able to be created without on-screen content, captions, descriptions, etc., The app gives a potential opportunity for content creators too. Do you believe that? More prominent companies with a solid online presence will hire content creators to deliver great content to the public. When we speak about content, it includes social media content, blogs, articles, etc.

From this article, you will learn the tips to promote blogs on TikTok. Content is the primary thing you need to check on while promoting the blog. If the blog content is good, you can easily upgrade it on TikTok. The bloggers’ job is to give the article the right voice. They need in-depth knowledge and research on the topic before they start writing. The information should follow a flow that bridges the main points. If you are a blogger and need to enhance your fame on TikTok, try to get Trollishly likes and boost your brand engagement rate quicker.

tips to promote your blog on tiktok

6 Tips To Promote Your Blog

1. Journey Of Your Blog

If you are promoting a blog on TikTok, you need to write content about your blog content. It would help if you emphasized the specialty of your blog. For example, in TikTok, videos explain topics like how the blog idea struck your mind, how you chose your blog niche, the do’s and didn’t of writing blogs, etc. In the initial stages, you may lack video content for blogging. Scroll on TikTok for more ideas and start creating your videos.

2. Leverage Trends

It is always best to leverage trends on TikTok. Content writers shall create a series of videos about the subtopics of their blogs. Even bloggers can create a concept that covers the entire blog in 15-30 seconds videos. Please get to know which trends are on top and utilize it to their potential. If you are a blogger searching for more credibility, try using Trolishly, and it shall sustain your presence on TikTok for a longer duration. If you follow the trends, it will be easier to reach the audience quickly.

3. Generate Original Blogs

TikTok is also an app where you can experience overarching trends or pre-existing concepts. However, nothing stops the creators develop their videos with their style and format. With basic functionalities, you can produce high-quality videos in high-definition. The promotional structure of video content includes A fascinating bulletin that says more about your blogs, clarifies the specifics of various blogs, summarizes your video, and finally defines the blog’s value.

4. Customizations To ‘for You Page’

When personalizing the ‘for you page,’ you must select your niche, target demographics, and associated community. When you strategize, you can funnel what goes well and what helps to succeed in the blog videos, etc. The TikTok algorithm uses signals such as likes, shares, comments, view time, and much more to position your blog videos on TikTok in the top position. If you are a young blogger, you can leverage Trollishly and shall drive your growth seamlessly. The fine-tuning of blogs’ target niche is keywords, filters, content formats, sound files, video lengths, etc.,  Also, check out How to Get More Views on TikTok: 5 Essential Strategies

5. Work On The Advertisement Approach

The blogs will also be promoted through marketing only. So you can leverage TikTok ads as per your requirements. When you work on ads, it would be best to promote the content along with the entertainment. You can take the core concepts or strengths of your underlying blog and shall portray them in the video. Try to connect the dry ideas with audio and music.

6. TikTok Collaborations And Influencers

It is not only necessary if you alone promote a blog on TikTok. You will reap great results if you connect with other bloggers on TikTok, and it is an excellent opportunity for both bloggers to create content together and promote it. Therefore, it is advised to choose your collaborators in your niche writings. There are two ways to connect with them: Personal Outreach, TikTok Creator MarketPlace. You can even direct message a TikToker to ask for collaboration and shall build a great relationship. Also, check out What is Rabb.it and What Happened to the Platform?


The tactics for promoting a blog may vary, but the principles will remain the same. The presentation, content depth, and a crisp explanation are all the essentials of blog marketing. The engagement rate doesn’t depend on account size. Even small accounts may yield different results. We hope the article is up to the mark and has delivered all the significant points beneficial to the bloggers. If you could follow any one of the points mentioned above, it would be considered that the article is helpful. Furthermore, you can try using Trollishly and shall build your blog visibility.


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