Free Xbox Game Pass Redeem Codes (2024)


Microsoft’s Xbox is a video gaming brand with five consoles, applications, etc. It has become popular worldwide because It provides users with a next-level gaming experience.

You can purchase games and also play the free ones. But if you want to access all the games without purchasing them separately, Xbox Game Pass Codes will be the best option. For that, you’ll need to pay the amount every month.

But if you want to get free Xbox Game Pass codes, this post is for you. Here, I’ll share some codes with you and also share some methods to earn them as a reward.

What is a free Xbox game pass code?

Xbox game pass code is a 25-character code that you can redeem on Xbox and Microsoft stores that provides you access to all the games and many things for free.

free xbox game pass codes

You can buy this code from the store or get it from different giveaways and rewarding platforms. These codes allow you to download free games and in-game items on your Xbox console or Microsoft account.

Free Xbox Game Pass Codes – 15 June, 2024

Xbox game passcodes can be used once, so if you’re late, then you won’t be able to redeem the codes I shared below.

However, I keep adding new codes regularly, so you can check later for codes if any don’t work.

Reward Codes Status

Other Methods to get Free Xbox Game Pass Codes

Apart from the above free Xbox Game Pass Codes, there are some rewarding platforms that provide free codes for completing simple tasks. But not all are trusted and really reward you. However, these are five websites that actually pay.

Survey Junkie: It’s a popular online survey platform that has many surveys available and you can earn rewards by completing them. You just need to complete the one-time registration to get started and start taking the tasks. Later you can redeem the reward as an Xbox game pass code.

Swagbucks: It’s another popular and trusted consumer-rewarding platform. After signing up on the website, you can complete the simple task and earn rewards. When you have enough points, you can use them to get a free Xbox game pass code.

Branded survey: This is also a great platform to earn free cash just by completing simple surveys. The minimum redemption amount is 500 points, which you can easily accumulate by completing a few surveys.

LifePoints: It’s a platform where users complete surveys and small tasks and get paid for that. The registration is absolutely free, and you can start doing the surveys instantly. After accumulating enough points, you can redeem them in exchange for an Xbox game pass code.

PointClub: This is another great platform to earn rewards for completing simple surveys. It’s an easy-to-use website and just requires an account to start doing the tasks. You get a wide range of redemption options including an Xbox game pass code. Also, check out How to Use Xbox Resolver to Find IP Address?

xbox gaming pass ultimate

How to Redeem a Free Xbox Game Pass Code?

Now, you have a free Xbox game pass code, so you should know how to redeem it if you haven’t done this before.

But the steps differ depending on where you’re redeeming the codes. So, to help you, I have shared the method for all the platforms below.

On Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One:

  • First, you need to open the guide on the Xbox by pressing the Xbox button.
  • After that, you’ll see many options; select Store from there.
  • Now, you must press the View button to open the side menu.
  • Then, from the available options, select Redeem.
  • After that, you need to enter the 25-character code click Next and follow the prompts.

On a Web Browser:

  • First, open any browser on your PC or mobile.
  • Then, navigate to
  • After that, it’ll ask you to log in to your account, so enter your registered email address followed by your password.

sign in to microsoft

  • After logging in, you can enter the 25-character redeem code, so enter that and click Next.
  • Then, keep following the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

On Microsoft Store on Windows:

  • On your Windows machine, click the Start button.
  • It’ll show you all the applications installed on your PC, find Microsoft Store, and click on it.
  • Then, click on the profile icon in the top right corner to ensure that you’re logged in using the correct account.
  • After that, click the three dots located beside the profile on the Microsoft Store’s homepage.
  • Then, it’ll open a few options and you must select “Redeem a code”.
  • After that, enter the 25-character code in the given place and click Next.
  • Then, follow some on-screen prompts to finish the process.

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In Xbox App on Windows:

  • On the Windows search bar, type in Xbox to find the app easily and click on it to open it.
  • After the app opens, you’ll be moved to the homepage, where you must click your profile picture in the top-left corner.
  • It’ll show you many different options, but you need to select Settings.
  • Then, you’ll see the Redeem code option under the Redeem a code menu; click that.
  • Now, enter the 25 characters and click Next to redeem the code.
  • Then, you’ll see some prompts on your screen; follow that to finish the process successfully.

On Xbox 360:

  • On your controller, press the guide button.
  • It’ll show you many options, select Games & Apps there.
  • Then, from the available options, select Redeem code.
  • On the next page, you can enter the 25-character code; so type in accurately and click Next.
  • After that, you must follow the on-screen prompts to finish this redemption process.


Is Xbox Game Pass free on PC?

It charges you $1 for the first month but after this period, it automatically renews at $9.99 per month.

Are Xbox Game Pass Code generators trusted?

No, there’s no tool available to generate the Xbox Game Pass Code. So, if a website claims that it’s fake, you should avoid using it.

Do the Xbox gift cards expire?

No, the Xbox gift cards don’t have an expiry date, so you can use them whenever you want.


So, these were some free Xbox Game Pass Codes in 2024. If any of the code doesn’t work, follow the methods I shared above to earn it. I’ll keep adding new codes in the future, so keep visiting the page regularly.


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