Pandora Plus Vs Premium: A Detailed Comparison [2023]


Pandora is a music app that gives reason for music lovers to listen to their favorite songs. Pandora was launched way back in 2005 and has become very popular. The whole idea of the streaming app was to create a sensation in the market by revitalizing the music. Thanks to its charisma and features, music lovers started liking it to the core.

Pandora has a desktop version that further creates smooth operation for die-hard fans of music to view and listen to the songs, making it more user-friendly with keyboard buttons. Pandora continues to update itself for a dynamic experience. It has a style that can easily match with a web browser for creating a casual look and a refreshing experience.

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Pandora comes with three types of subscriptions namely Pandora Free, Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium. The Free Plan is marked with loads of ads during the service, between songs and podcasts. Hence, if you want to overcome the frustration that comes with ads, then there are Pandora Plus and Premium services. So, which one is the best? Let’s read the Pandora Plus vs Premium comparison.

Pandora Plus vs Premium

Before drawing comparisons, it is important to know that the Pandora Plus and Premium plans have given a phase for music lovers to enjoy hip and happening music from an extensive library available. The personalized features have made it easier and more interesting for music lovers to proudly listen to and discover new music.

The listeners can accordingly choose the specific plan as per their choice after checking the detailed facilities assigned to them. Since they are also different from each other in several respects. Let’s now take a look at the comparisons in detail.

Pandora Plus Vs Premium

Pandora Plus Vs Premium: A Detailed Comparison

The post offers a detailed comparison of Pandora Plus vs Premium which is as follows:

Free trial days

The streaming app Pandora gives users the convenience of 30-day free trial period before payment. However, Pandora Plus goes a step further in giving 60 days free. Even though both plans have sufficient periods to listen and decide, Pandora Premium has an edge with this facility.


Pandora Plus comes with an annual subscription of $54.89 annually with a monthly charge of $4.99. Pandora Premium charges $109.89 annually, with a monthly charge of $9.99

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Higher Quality audio

Pandora Plus offers soothing music that is very pleasing to the ears. Even though Pandora Premium offers have further enhanced the audio quality, paying extra for it doesn’t actually justify it. Overall, the kind of music is similar, and that doesn’t entitle you to spend 20% more.

Search and play on-demand

Pandora Plus subscribers can unlock the facility to search and play songs. They just have to view an ad, that helps them to unlock the facility of on-demand streaming. Also, check out How to Fix Pandora Session Timed Out Error?

Add-free and smooth listening experience

Pandora Plus is known for an ad-free experience, as the users can listen to personalized stations. However, music lovers will encounter commercials while they are searching for songs to listen.

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Pandora Premium seems to certainly remove the issue. Music lovers can use the features and services without getting ad-related issues. The premium plan gives users all the benefits of Plus:

  • Users can search and play songs as desired as they create a customized list of their own.
  • The plan also takes into consideration all music lovers with its music collection offline for ease of those who are traveling etc.
  • The quality of the audio is at a higher pitch and benefits those who are habitual of listening after a certain pitch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by ‘Skips’ on Pandora?

The skip is a facility given to the paid subscribers to change a certain track. In this way, the users can maintain a high level of listening experience of music. Once, the user skips a certain song, it is counted and considered, and based on the limited skips, users can receive more by watching a short video from the advertisers.

Is it possible for two people to use Pandora Plus?

Pandora Plus and Premium accounts can only be used in a non-commercial manner. You can use the account from any supported device or computer. Hence, through the individual subscription, the music lover can listen to one-ad free stream.

What is the difference between Pandora Plus and Pandora Premiums?

Premium subscription gives the luxury to the users to create a customizable playlist where they can have a vast collection of music even in the offline mode. They have longer timeouts while the quality of music is greater as well.


Pandora Plus is the right plan for music lovers who like to experience soothing music and the best of features at a reasonable price with unlimited skips. If you don’t care about switching to either Apple Music or Spotify for listening offline then that can further make it a desired option. On the other hand, the Premium version is pricey but has additional features. For example, users can listen to customized songs and have an ad-free experience along with unlimited skips.


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