Best Ways to Reset an Amazon Firestick Remote


An Amazon Firestick is a streaming device that converts your traditional TV into a smart TV. It allows you to stream paid or free content using apps, add-ons, and more.

Several Firesticks devices are available today, and some come with a remote. As our smart TV or traditional TV remote can give us problems, Amazon Firestick’s remote can do the same thing.

reset amazon firestick remote
How to Reset Amazon Firestick Remote?

However, a majority of times, you can fix Firestick remotes by resetting them. You will learn about the resetting process and some tricks to pair/unpair a Firestick remote easily.

How to Pair a Firestick Remote?

You might need to pair a Firestick remote if it is new or replaced, pairing it during the setup, or if it is an additional or second Firestick remote. Pairing a replaced or new remote is always a hectic task, so I’ll tell you all the steps in an easier way that will help you to pair your FireStick remote with the device.

1) The first step is to unplug the Firestick from the power source to disconnect it from everywhere.

2) Check if the new remote has batteries in it; if there are not, insert new batteries in it.

3) Wait for a minute, and turn on the Fire TV stick.

4) Wait for the home screen to load up.

5) Check if your remote has automatically paired up (Which happens a majority of the time).

6) Hold the Home button for 15-20 seconds; if the remote does not pair automatically.

7) A notification should be there on your TV suggesting that your new remote pairing was successful. Double-check if the remote works properly.

Best Ways to Reset an Amazon Firestick Remote

How to Reset Firestick Remote?

Several Firestick remotes are available today, and I’ll tell you how to reset most of them in simple steps. Also, check out How to Factory and Soft Reset Roku TV?

Ways to Reset the Basic Edition of Amazon Firestick Remote

You can follow these steps if you have a basic edition remote with six buttons (Home, Back, Forward, Rewind, Pause, and Menu) and a ring-shaped button to change channels and increase or decrease volume.

1) Press the Home button, hold it down, and press the Menu button three times. The Menu button is the one with three horizontal lines.

2) You can release the Home button now and press the Menu button nine more times.

3) Leave all buttons, and pull the batteries out of your remote.

4) Now, unplug the Fire TV stick and wait for one or two minutes. You are halfway there. Now it is time to repeat the process,

5) Insert the batteries and then turn on the Firestick,

6) After the Home screen of the Fire TV opens, press and hold the Home button for 40 seconds, and your setup will complete.

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Resetting the 1st Gen Amazon Firestick Remote

This remote does not have a Power and Volume button but has a dedicated Voice Command button. Here is how to reset it.

1) Start by disconnecting the Fire TV from the power cord and wait for one minute,

2) Press and hold down the Menu and Left buttons for 12 seconds,

3) Release the buttons and wait for five more seconds,

4) Remove the batteries of your Firestick’s remote,

5) Connect the Firestick’s power cord and wait for the device to turn on,

6) After the device turns on, wait for one minute,

7) Insert the batteries and press the Home button again.

These steps should reset your Firestick remote. You can click here to find the steps to reset new Firestick remotes.

Wrapping Up

These are the easiest steps you can follow to reset your Firestick remotes. You can also use the app if your remote is not working at all. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


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