How to Watch MKV On Mac?


Knowing how to play MKV on Mac will save you lots of time. Although MP4 and MOV are two of the two most common file types for watching videos, you might occasionally encounter other kinds like MKV. If you’ve never used one to consume content before, you may struggle to understand the best way to play these files on your Mac. 

If you’ve struggled to use MKV on your computer, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about how to watch this format on your device. 

HOW TO Watch Mkv On Mac

What Is an MKV File? 

MKV stands for Matroska Video File. Most of the time, you’ll use MKV when accessing HD movies and TV shows. 

The main difference between MKV and other kinds of video formats is that you use as many other tracks as you want. Two examples of these are cover art associated with programs and movies you watch, plus descriptions of what the content is about. 

Where Do MKV Files Usually Come From?

Most people won’t use MKV files when streaming content online; MP4 is a preferred option in these instances. But due to their ability to include the aspects mentioned in the previous section, you’ll often see the format when watching movies and TV shows that you’ve downloaded onto your computer. 

How to Play MKV Files on Your Mac 

The best way to watch MKV on Mac is by using a media player that supports this kind of playback. Looking for a program that supports other files is a good idea, too, as you also won’t need to worry about searching for numerous platforms to do the same thing. 

One tool you can use to watch MKV on your Mac is Elmedia Player. The instructions below will help you achieve your desired result. 

  1. Download Elmedia Player from the macOS App Store. Alternatively, you can go to its website and get your file from there. 
  2. On your Mac, drag Elmedia Player to the Applications folder. 
  3. Open Elmedia Player after completing both of the above steps. 
  4. Start playing the MKV by either dragging it into the app, going to File > Open, or tapping Open With on the video and choosing Elmedia Player. 

Can You Convert MKV Videos? 

You might be wondering if you can convert MKV videos to another format, such as MP4 – and the answer is yes. But while doing so has the advantage of being able to play your file in more programs, you should also consider the potential drawbacks of converting. 

One disadvantage is that changing your files to another format is time-consuming. You also risk sacrificing quality, which can hinder your viewing experience as a result. With both of these in mind, using an all-in-one tool that lets you enjoy multiple types of videos is typically a better option. 

Also worth considering before you convert your video is that MKV can be useful if you need to recover a corrupted file that stops you from watching what you’re trying to access. Moreover, you can get subtitles in multiple languages – which is useful if the program isn’t in your mother tongue. Also, check out Spotify Disable Automatic Startup ON Mac – How to Do?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is MKV better quality than MP4? 

MKV usually doesn’t have better video quality than what you’ll get with an MP4 file, and this is largely due to its ability to perform a broader range of tasks. However, you shouldn’t have any problems being able to watch your content. It’s important to note that converting files can lead to compression, which could result in everything looking worse than before. 

Can I play MKV on QuickTime? 

No – unfortunately, you can’t get MKV playback on QuickTime. 

What common problems may I encounter when trying to watch MKV on Mac?

The main issue you’ll run into is finding a place that supports this type of file, as it’s not as common as the likes of MOV and MP4. Fortunately, though, you can use third-party solutions to get around these potential pitfalls. 

Make It Easier to Watch MKV on Mac 

MKV lets you pack a lot into a single file, which is great if you want a better-rounded movie-watching experience. And although you might initially find it tricky to use a program that supports playback, you have options that’ll let you enjoy your favorite shows and films from your Mac. 

Having read this guide, you should now have the information you need to play this format on your device.


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