5 Websites Where You Can Download Free Movies Legally


When you search for the best websites to download movies on Google, you’ll be greeted with pages after pages of movie sites for this one query. It’s a bit confusing which to pick, and sometimes you end up clicking on websites that contain ‘downloadable’ movies that are actually illegal to download. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t break copyright laws for your entertainment. If you’re going to download free movies, make sure to visit those sites that offer video content that you can download legally. 

best sites to download movies legally
best sites to download movies legally

For a little help, here are five of the best websites where you can download free movies without violating copyright laws. 

Open Culture

Many of the films at Open Culture were compiled for educational and cultural purposes. The good thing is that you can stream and download movies from this site without spending a penny. Plus, they also come in high quality!

Right now, there are more than 1,000 movies on this website, and they are categorized into Silent Films, Westerns, Film Noir, Comedy & Drama, Animation, Documentaries, Martial Arts Movies, and Horror & Hitchcock. 

There are also downloadable audiobooks, ebooks, and online courses at Open Culture. Indeed, it’s the place to be on the internet if you want to expand your knowledge. 

Public Domain Torrents

By the name of the site alone, you can already guarantee that the movies on this site have no exclusive intellectual property rights, which means you can download them legally. You can find classic films here under comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, musical, animation, and other genres. 

You can use a BitTorrent file distribution system for your movie downloads from this website. Also, don’t forget to support Public Domain Torrents by donating to its Paypal account. 


Vimeo is the perfect website to visit if you want to see independent films made by filmmakers around the world. It may not be as big as Youtube. Still, this video sharing platform has several incredible features for streaming, hosting, and sharing video content in 4K and HD without those annoying advertisements that pop up out of nowhere. 

Another excellent feature of Vimeo is that it enables users to download videos directly from the website, thanks to its Download button under every video. There are also options to select between original, SD, and HD video qualities. Plus, Vimeo is fast and reliable. 

The Internet Archive

Founded in 1996, The Internet Archive is the perfect place on the internet where you can find a variety of movies that you can access and download for free. Just go to its Moving Image Archive section to browse through a collection of digital films ranging from iconic full-length features to concerts to animations and alternative news broadcasts. 

The Internet Archive has been very supportive of independent filmmakers as well. So, if you’re a creator of films, you can upload your content on this website for the whole world to see. 


Are you a fan of docu-films? If yes, you won’t surely regret visiting TopDocumentaryFilms when you’re searching for eye-opening and real-life documentaries. 

This website boasts a library of over 3,000 documentary films that have lengths as long as 60 minutes and beyond. It also has a pretty simple site layout and a smooth user interface. You can browse through various categories, including crime, conflict, religion, war, psychology, technology, etc. 


Don’t get overwhelmed by boredom and start watching classic and recently released films by visiting the movie sites mentioned above. These websites have collections of films that you can download without spending money out of your pocket. 

Make sure to bookmark TopDocumentaryFilms, Vimeo, The Internet Archive, Public Domain Torrents, and Open Culture for that purpose. 


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