6 Reasons Your Company Needs an Independent Programmer


Today, more than half of the workforce (contract and freelance) at even giant companies like Google is alternative.

The freelance workforce has given both small and large companies the ability to grow their businesses with the most talented people, without the barriers of location and high local costs. Some companies like to involve just independent programmers, and some of them prefer to delegate some scope of work to offshore software outsourcing companies.

6 Reasons Your Company Urgently Needs an Independent ProgrammerBut today we will dig deeper specifically into independent programmers topics. So let’s discuss it.

1. Hiring Skilled Developers at a Lower Cost

Your company needs an independent developer for cost-effectiveness reasons. According to Indeed, the average salary of a senior developer in the US is $59 per hour.

Full-time developers are legally entitled to bonuses, health insurance, paid vacation, and other benefits. When you add these costs, the hourly rate is going to be much higher than quoted above.

You can eliminate these costs by paying only a base hourly rate, regardless of experience or skill level, when working with freelancers.

Also, they are paid on a project-by-project basis. As a result, you can hire developers on an as-needed basis and terminate the relationship at the end of each project.

2. Gain access to a global pool of talent

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled workers as the war for technical talent heats up every day.

To meet the growing demand, large companies in hard-hit regions are raising salaries for tech workers. For your business, a permanent hire in your area might mean taking less money.

By taking advantage of the freelance economy, you can expand your search beyond your local area. You can hire developers from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, and skill sets.

Want to fill high-demand roles instead? There’s a good chance that the highly specialized, skilled developers you need can be found somewhere else.

Without wasting your already considerable resources on employee relocation costs, you can evaluate and hire the right freelancer in your location.

3. Reduce the cost of recruiting and overhead

The hiring process is where the real cost of hiring a full-time developer begins. 

You can expect to pay for many, including the following:

  • Paying to advertise and recruit
  • Recruiter’s fees and perks
  • Employee referral bonuses or commissions
  • Travel expenses for candidates
  • Moving costs
  • Investment in human resources software

Of course, there is also an investment of your own time in the recruiting process. Also included are office supplies and daily drinks. Also, check out How To Fix Amazon Return Continue Button Not Working?

A good place to start looking for such a candidate is to check out one of the best sites for hiring freelance developers for your business. Look for sites that screen developers to get the best candidates.

4. Accelerate time to market

40% of companies report that hiring highly skilled freelancers through digital talent platforms has helped them increase productivity, innovation, and speed to market, according to a study by Harvard Business School and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

This can give you a competitive edge to stay ahead of the competition if your product is time-sensitive.

5. Business risk mitigation during expansion

It is an expensive venture to start and expand a business overseas. You can reduce operational risks by cutting costs wherever possible.

Hiring freelancers is one way of doing this. You don’t need to spend money to get the added monetary benefits of hiring full-time.

6. Less monitoring

You know how to work on projects and meet deadlines without much oversight. Just submit your requirements and deadlines and check their progress at the agreed times. Also, check out How To Fix VyvyManga Not Working?

As a result, you have more time to focus on other parts of your business that require your attention. Managers with a tendency to micromanage are not as tempted to check and recheck every step of the development process. The result is greater efficiency.


The advantages of hiring freelance developers are indisputable. Freelance offshore developers can start work almost immediately, resulting in fast turnarounds. Reduce the time it takes to fill skills gaps, accelerate development, and stay competitive while keeping your costs in check.

These benefits are not one-size-fits-all. Depending on your business, they can be much more than that. Leveraging them can help you gain even the slightest edge over the competition and help your business thrive. Don’t leave it to chance!


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