How to Fix Amazon Anytime Pay Not Working?


Amazon, “Earth’s most customer-centric company”, always takes care of every single portion to make everyone happy to be part of the largest e-commerce website in the world. The giant company also informed publically that the employees are the biggest treasure.

Amazon Anytime Pay is an employee-centric scheme that pays a portion of the salary right after the end of the work shift. Unfortunately, many employees are facing issues with Amazon Anytime Pay. Therefore, we’ve come across the problem and how to fix Amazon Anytime Pay not working so that eligible employees can make the most of it.

What is Amazon Anytime Pay?

Amazon Anytime is an instant salary system. An Amazon employee will get up to 70% of his daily earnings at the end of work on that exact working day. Generally, the system has been made to help Amazon’s employees to give clarity to their financial statements.

Impressively, it has impacted employees’ lives in a certain way. Many of them also share their positive thought about Amazon Anytime Pay.

How To Fix Amazon Anytime Pay Not Working

Why is Amazon Anytime Pay Not Working?

Everything about Amazon Anytime Pay is simply fantastic until it stops working. However, there are some issues that can lead to this problem that we should pay close attention to. So here’s the cause of Amazon Anytime Pay stopped working.

  • Improper bank account details.
  • Amazon Anytime Pay server outages.
  • Frequently try even after not working.
  • Browser problem.

How to Fix Amazon Anytime Pay Not Working?

Whatever the cause of the Amazon Anytime pay problem, there are some effective methods you should know to fix it.

1. Submit Proper Bank Account Details

Earlier I stated the fact that improper bank account details won’t accomplish your Amazon Anytime Pay. Ensure that you’ve submitted proper bank account details. It’s very crucial to cross-check everything before processing to payment. Additionally, you can update your bank information on Amazon Anytime Pay if needed.

Don’t forget to check that your bank account is working properly find, otherwise, facing such a problem will be quite common. When everything is sorted, then contact HR and Payroll to try once more.

2. Check If Amazon Anytime Pay Server Down

The server always plays a pivotal role in any website. If it goes down, it affects various things at that moment. However, it could be another reason for Amazon Anytime Pay not working. Server outages can happen anytime soon, we never know about them, but experience difficulties.

However, you can check Amazon server issues on downdetector. If you find any issues, then wait for some time, until it’s fixed by the Amazon developer teams. Otherwise, move down to the next method.

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3. Try After a Short Time

Even after having proper and updated bank account details and a working server, Amazon Anytime Pay may stop working because of minor glitches and bugs. Although Amazon doesn’t allow any problems for a long time, it’ll fixed very soon. So you’ve to try again after a short time to check whether Amazon Anytime Pay started working or not.

4. Switch to Another Browser

If none these of methods come in handy to fix the issues, then it’s possible that your browser is not functioning properly. Corrupted caches and outdated browsers often lead to such problems.

As a fix, you should update your preferred web browser regularly and remove corrupted caches too. Even you can switch to a different web browser. Hopefully, Amazon Anytime Pay start working on that particular browser.

5. Going Through Reddit and Twitter

It’s another way to check out others on Reddit and Twitter who are dealing with the same issues. On their threads, they discuss the problem and some others provide the solution. Consequently, Reddit and Twitter are great sources as well, so you can give it a try.

6. Contact the Amazon Support Team

Amazon has always been known for its amazing support for customers and employees. A single problem is also taken seriously there. Amazon’s Anytime Pay not working problem is a serious problem that’s a concern for Amazon and its employees.

However, you can make use of the Amazon Pay Contact Us page. Other than that, you can write your problem on X.Com (formerly Twitter) and tag Amazon. They are pretty active there and will help with every problem.


It can be incredibly frustrating when instant payout not working at a company like Amazon. Nothing in this world is perfect, so little dilemma is acceptable. However, the mentioned methods can help you to find a fix for Amazon Anytime Pay not working. In case, you have any questions, let us know in the comments.


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