Emojis You Should Avoid Using in Specific Situations


Context is vital for emojis – as for anything else when it comes to messaging. And no one except you would tell you the best way to interact with your peers, love spouse, relatives or anybody else you might share emoji-laden texts.

We have gathered a few various text messaging scenarios so you can avoid using the matching emoji and never do it again. Read this list well so that you’ll never make awkward mistakes on your conversation ever again. After this, you’ll be a master in emoji usage in socially sensitive circumstances.

Middle finger Emoji

This emoji is appropriately named the “reversed hand with middle finger stretched,” and was a qualified emoji of Unicode 7.0. The middle finger emoji might be one worst idea you might give your bosses (or any friend, for that matter). 

With this incredibly offensive emoji, no matter how frustrated you are with the way a venture is heading, or the adjustments the manager is bringing to your staff, it is never a safe thing to show your frustration with. Make the time to calm down before you deliver your text — and if you’re concerned about preserving your employment, pick another emoji.

Eggplant Emoji

Very big on the emoji chart, never send this to your boss or colleagues as this emoji is known for its sexual connotations. This leaves the emoji eggplant – recognized as the Unicode Consortium’s “aubergine” – an easy emoji to skip, work-wise.

We can’t imagine any scenario in which it will be appropriate to send this emoji to your manager or your coworker because you’re in the agricultural industry and are planning a bumper crop of eggplants.

Winking face Emoji

Winking face emoji is a perfect emoji to give while telling a joke to your buddies, or even to your brothers. But give it to your parents, and it gets creepier right away. Buzzfeed also provides a list of occasions that you’re not allowed to use a winking emoji since “a smile will make any scenario ten times more uncomfortable.” You can easily find it on various emoji apps for Android.

Peach Emoji

Although giving the peach emoji maybe a little less severe of a blunder than texting the eggplant to your manager or coworkers, it’s still not a safe emoji to give to someone you encounter from work. In a conventional office setting, discussions that involve something of a sexual nature are usually prohibited. But don’t press your chances with an emoji which attests to PG-13.

Smirking face Emoji

Smirking face emojis are just about as uncomfortable as winking face emojis to give to your relatives. It appears like a great answer to texts from your parents (even and particularly to their failed attempts to use emoji properly). Much like the winking face, the smirking face has the potential to make such an innocent post sound very uncomfortable. Save yourself the hassle, and select another emoji instead.

Ghost Emoji

It’s not a good idea to use the ghost emoji during dates or meetups unless otherwise, it’s Halloween. Yeah, this is pretty cool. Yet ghosting is a very common occurrence in the dating game, and a very disrespectful one. You’d not talk around blowing off anyone. And don’t let your emoji misuse bring into doubt your credibility, too.

Loudly crying face Emoji

An emoji on an iPhone which looks quite different than on an Android phone? The emoji for the “loudly weeping face.” Some people believe that when you are truly sad, this is a cute emoji to use, whereas others find it more aptly represents a person who is crying while laughing. 

Wherever you are in the discussion undoubtedly depends on the kind of mobile device you have. Finally, minimize misinterpretations with your friends, and just choose another emoji.

Poop Emoji

Especially when you’re sexting, you definitely should withdraw from giving the cute yet poorly-advised poop emoji to your spouse. Unless you and your wife have any really similar fantasies, the “pile of poo” emoji is certainly not the right emoji to send out.


Context is critical when handing out emojis. So critical, in reality, that there are emojis you should forbid yourself from using, but plenty you can avoid using in specific contexts. There’s no “evil” emoji, after all, only weak use that varies from marginally off to hilariously embarrassing.


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