A Complete Guide to Elevate Your Video Creation Standards And Boost Your Freelancing Career


Within each step of creating video content, there is scope to improve it and to make it better. As a professional video editor, you aim to elevate it to make it more impactful.

Great video content is an integral part of an excellent film of any kind. Without clear visuals, no film would be able to make a lasting impression on the audience.

In fact, seeing the hazy video is extremely irritating. Whether you are watching a 2-hour feature film or 20 seconds ad film, it is equally annoying in each case.

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Your film’s quality has a direct impact on your brand. So, to prosper in this field, the fundamental condition is to learn how to create quality video content.

5 Essential Factors for Creating a Good Video

Here you will have the idea of using five components to elevate the standard so that your freelancing career can fly high. The points that you should focus primarily on making a nice video are lighting, color, sound, music, and art involved in it.


This is the most basic part of any video. You cannot imagine a video without lighting, as it is a functional process. But with a bit of imaginative power, you can obtain something outstanding, far better than an ordinary one. There is an online invitation maker free, which you can use to provide a cinematic touch to your content.

Lighting can express those emotions that words are unable to say. It can evoke a feeling, a situation, or a place. You can inject beauty, sorrow, suspense, fear, and joy into a face by lighting variations. You can also create a scene of dawn, morning, bright sunshine, or a night with it.

An excellent video will help to establish your brand statement in the market. The clients will come back to you, again and again, to get an impressive video that, in turn, will be rewarding for them.

Color Grading

Color grading is probably the most neglected area of video creation. Contrast, brightness, saturation, usage of black and white, and sharpness are different components of color grading that will allow you to provide a cinematic finish to your video. It acts as the polisher, and your creation becomes more vivid with the right use of colors that you can learn to apply from a free online slideshow maker.

Black and white are the two primary colors that will let you create a polished layer and enhance the overall look. The usage of different shades of two colors, black and white, can work wonders to create a dramatic effect. For this reason, the classic black and white movies of yesteryears have an eternal appeal. In modern times too, black and white videos are created sometimes to have a different kind of effect.

As you work on it with dedication, you will learn how to access advanced correction and masking tools to achieve optimal results. Once you master it, you will have complete control over where you would like to draw the viewers’ attention on the whole screen.

To make the most of it, utilize both your eyes and mind to work simultaneously. Color grade talks differently for different scenes. The future neon scene is a different one from theĀ black and white detective sceneĀ full of suspense. In this way, it extends the style of the video to the next level.


Sound is also another neglected feature of the overall production. Almost all attention is paid to what we see on our screen, and we often overlook the importance of sound.

Lately, we see numerous videos created where the sound is absent, and the viewers are enjoying that. We have started to believe that it has less priority because of the popularity of soundless videos.

In practice, sound is as vital as visuals to have a lasting impression on the audience. It adds an impact on the action that we see on the screen. It can create an ambiance of feelings like horror, suspense, love, comedy, tension, and more.

It is an added dimension to amplify the effect that visuals alone cannot do. It gives a distinct shape to our viewing experience.

It is a continuous creative process. The atmosphere that we cannot create with visuals can be quickly done by adding the perfect sound to the video.


Music has immense power to enhance the effect of the video. Unlike sound or color grading, it is the heart of a video that we remember long. It is an immensely used shortcut to get the feel of our desired tone.

Music libraries are incredible tools for making a video with a lasting impression, from where we will get exactly what we need. Beyond selecting the right track, it can also have the capability to elevate production to the next level.

Sometimes the background signature music of a film becomes extremely popular, and later on, whenever we hear that composition, it reminds us of that film. Music has a significant role in our minds.

It is a fantastic way of refreshing our minds. It can give us joy or relief. Due to this reason, many people listen to music before going to work to start the day with a positive vibe. After returning from work, music can release stress.

Music therapy has been in use throughout the world to heal the imbalanced mental state of depression, trauma, and anger. Even medical professionals are using this and getting wonderful results.


The art department involves the props and costumes that you use in the video. The selection of the right props is not an easy deal. It helps make your video believable and closer to the viewers’ hearts if you can make a realistic approach.

It is closely attached to the color grading. To draw the attention of the viewers’ eyes to the right position, props and colors complement each other.


In a nutshell, you have to learn the use of each component and maintain the perfect balance to boost your freelance career in creating and editing videos.


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