How to Fast Forward and Rewind Instagram Stories?


Through this guide, I will share How to Fast Forward Instagram Stories. With 1 billion active monthly users; undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms right now. It offers so many features and a highly user-friendly interface that keeps people engaged.

Instagram has recently included Instagram stories in its feature list. It allows users to upload videos, photos, and live sessions to keep them connected. 

How to Fast Forward Instagram Stories?

It is an impressive feature but has some drawbacks too. If you missed something while watching a story and you want to view it again, there is no way back other than seeing it from the start. Similarly, there is no option to pause or skip the stories.

fast forward instagram stories
How to Fast Forward Instagram Stories in 2024

But don’t you don’t have to worry because here I am going to share a trick that you can use to fast forward and rewind Instagram stories easily. So, without further ado, let’s get started-

Fast Forward and Rewind Instagram Live Stories on Mobile:

  • First of all, open the Instagram app on your smartphone and tap on the replay icon to start the live story.
  • Once the live story starts playing, tap, and holds on the screen to stop the video.
  • Now you can drag the video to left and right respectively for rewind and fast forward the story.
  • When you forward or rewind the live story, you’ll see the timecode. When you reach the point from where you want to resume your story, just lift your finger off from the screen.
  • The live story will continue from the point you have forward or rewind the story.

That’s it. It was that easy to do.

This method only works with live stories but not with the regular Instagram story updates. Moreover, you can try tapping left or right to push normal Instagram stories backward or forward. To pause a video or Instagram story, you can tap and hold your fingers on the screen.

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Now let’s talk about how to fast forward, rewind, and pause Instagram videos. As of now, it is not possible on smartphones, and you can only do it on the Instagram website with the help of Chrome Extension. Here is how to do it:

Fast Forward, Rewind or Pause Instagram Videos on PC

  • First of all, open the Chrome browser and install Video Scrubber for Instagram extension from the Chrome web store. You can use this link to visit the installation page directly.
  • After installation, you’ll get several prompts to set up settings, leave them as it is, and click on the Save button.
  • After that, open Instagram and log in with your account credentials. If you’re already logged in to your account and web page is opened, reload it.
  • Now open any video, and you can notice that there is an additional progress bar that appears just below the video. You can use that bar to rewind or fast forward any Instagram video. To pause, you just need to click on the video, and it will stop the video.

It is a great extension that would enhance your overall experience of using Instagram. Additionally, this extension lets you control the volume, and even you can download images and videos as well.

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These are the best ways to fast forward and rewind Instagram stories and videos. You can use it until Instagram officially doesn’t introduce something for stories and videos.  However, Instagram does offer the progress bar for IGTV videos; let’s hope it soon be available for regular videos as well.

Final Verdict

With this, it is time to wrap up the article. It was all about how to fast forward and rewind Instagram stories. I hope it was helpful to you. If you’ve any questions or suggestions, you can shoot them in the comment section below, and our team will try to connect with you ASAP.


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