How to Get Mobile Legends Free Skin and Diamonds?


Are you a regular Mobile Legends player? Then, you must know how valuable the diamonds and skins are in the game. After playing the game for hours, we have finally figured out how to get Mobile Legends Free Skin and Diamonds.

In this article, we will guide you on the best possible ways to get these free skins and diamonds in the Mobile Legends game.

Let’s get started!

How to Get Mobile Legends free skins and diamonds

How to Get Mobile Legends Free Skin and Diamonds?

Here is the list of ways to get free skins and diamonds from the Mobile Legends game:

Method 1: Ask Your Friend

This is one of the easiest ways to get free skins in Mobile Legends. Sometimes, your friends might be happy enough to gift you any free skin. If you do not have any existing friends playing this game, then at least try to connect with other players and wait for a week before you ask them.

Method 2: Through KOL Streaming

KOL stands for Key Opinion Leaders streaming. You can get Mobile Legends free skin and diamonds by either following the popular streamers or by becoming one. These popular streamers often conduct free giveaways, contests, and missions. By participating in these contests you can get access to Mobile Legends free skin and diamonds.

KOL Rewards - Free ML Diamonds and Skins

However, the streaming requirement of KOL is to have at least 10,000 followers on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube. Along with this, you need to regularly appear in the Mobile Legends game so that whenever you stream, at least 1000 viewers appear on your stream.

Here is a glimpse of what the gifts in KOL mean in terms of diamonds:

  • If you get a flower in KOL streaming, it is equal to two diamonds.
  • If you get a Roadster in KOL streaming, it is equal to 250 diamonds.
  • One Yatch in KOL streaming is equal to 1000 diamonds.
  • And, Jewellery is equal to 6 diamonds.

Method 3: Use Country Specific VPN

The next best way is to participate in events that are country-specific. For this, you need to have a VPN to identify the Mobile Legends events happening in other countries. For example, if you connect to the Latin American IP through a VPN, you can get access to the KOF Skin tickets.

Method 4: Participate in Sponsorship Events

There are many sponsorship events regularly conducted by different esports sponsors where they present the fans with in-game rewards and free diamonds. However, these sponsorships are region-specific.

MLBB Free Skin and Diamonds

However, as mentioned above, if you try using a VPN to connect to specific regions, you are likely to be able to participate in those sponsorship events and get access to the Mobile Legends free skin and diamonds.

Method 5: Participate in Tournaments

Mobile Legends often conducts tournaments through which you can get free skins and diamonds. By participating and winning in these tournaments, you will be rewarded up to 5,000 diamonds and also a $1500 prize.

Method 6: Lucky Spins

If you want to get Mobile Legends free skin and diamonds, try participating in the lucky spin event. This lucky spin event runs every week in Mobile Legends. During this event, you will get a chance to free spin every two days. If you want additional spins, you can also spend the tickets to get that.

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Method 7: Earn Mobile Legends Free Skin And Diamonds Through Referral Codes

If you want another quick way to get free skins and diamonds, the best way is to take advantage of your referral code. All you need to do is copy the referral code from your account and share it with your friends and known ones to sign up.

Once they download through your referral link and reach a certain level in the game, then you will receive certain rewards in the form of diamonds and free skins.

If you have multiple devices, you can cross-refer and install the game on other devices. Even then, you will be receiving free diamonds from the Mobile Legends game.

The other way to get free diamonds from Mobile Legends is by staying active on the forums, social media, and official websites. Sometimes, the developers of the game release invite codes through which you can get Mobile Legends free skins and diamonds. These invite codes are limited and are given only on a first-come, first-serve basis.


These are some of the best and easy ways through which you can claim Mobile Legend free skin and diamonds. You need not spend any money to get diamonds through in-game purchases. All these methods are tried and tested by us, and these are completely free methods to get the diamonds and skins in the game.

Just make sure to stay active in the forums and the official social media channels of the Mobile Legends game, so that you will stay informed about the events happening.


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