Why is Android OS a Good Choice for Your Digital Signage Needs?


The Android operating system is the most common Smartphone operating system on the market. It is owned by Google and is free to use and download. Since it is free to use and change, many digital sign users and manufacturers are installing Android as their primary operating system. Is this a good choice for your digital signs?

Why is Android OS a Good Choice for Your Digital Signage Needs

Easily Integrates With Other Software

Installing Android into your digital sign is like installing it into your Smartphone or TV. It is the framework you use to install apps and other pieces of software. People use Android with their digital signs because it is so easy to add other pieces of software. Installation is as easy as adding apps to your phone. There are companies like Kitcast that work with Android, Windows and Apple OS using simple apps. It makes the installation and setup process a lot easier. In this sense, it is also pretty future-proof because there are developers who are creating software for Android right now. If you want something like a bio-metric scanner in the future, it is likely that the manufacturers have an Android app. 

Going Mobile With Android

Quite a few companies are using digital signs with touch-screen interfaces. The most notable being Mcdonald’s. They allow people to pick their menu items using touch-screen signs. Since Android works exceptionally well with touch-screen technology, it is easy to see why so many companies are using the Android operating system as their digital sign operating system. There are also other phone-related benefits, such as how it is easier to add Wi-Fi information, easier to secure, easier to add things like QR codes, Blu-tooth, connectivity, payment processing and so forth.

Free to Download and Alter

People who want a flexible solution are often happy to use Android. You are allowed to download and use it without paying a license fee, and you can alter it as much as you like and use it commercially. The only thing you cannot do is change it, repackage it and then charge for it. Since you are able to alter the software, it also means you can upgrade and extend it. This is handy for people who want to change the way they use their digital signs, perhaps by adding more, or by adding synchronicity to their various signs. Adding features like “Live updates” is also easier when you can alter the operating system. Also, check out How To Fix TikTok Crashing Issue On Android?

The OS is Easier to Secure

Perhaps one of the other big problems with alternative operating systems, besides setup and such, is the fact they are more difficult to secure. Make no mistake, other operating systems can be set up in a way that makes them super secure, far more secure than Android, but it is more difficult. Alternative operating systems are more sophisticated, which means there are more vulnerabilities and more ways to make the software stronger. Since you don’t need bank-level security with your digital signs, most people prefer the sort of security that Android offers.

It is Still Active and Relevant

In truth, you could make your own operating system and add it to your digital signs. The reason why people like Android is the same reason why people like WordPress. The frameworks and the software are all very popular, which means they are updated with plenty of online support. You could easily use an old operating system if you wish, but you would have to create and maintain the updates yourself (rather than Google doing it), and you would have a hard time finding help for your operating system online, unlike with Android where everybody and their uncle are willing to help.


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