10 Best Video Tools For Marketers


If you are using the best video marketing tools in the market, then you are good to go! But if you are not, then it’s high time for you to buck up.

That is because video marketing is probably one of the most advantageous ways of promoting a brand on the internet. It is a highly effective way of engaging site visitors and driving traffic to a site. Individuals these days spend about 5.5 hours daily watching videos on the internet.

But what does this mean for business marketers? Around 64% of customers purchase the products of a company after watching its branded video online. This means that video marketers need to up their game and use an online video editor for designing and deploying their videos in the right way.

best video marketing tools

From generating interest to broadening the audience and creating new brand transformations, here are the 10 best video tools marketers should definitely use.

Best Video Tools For Marketers

1. InVideo

InVideo comes as one of the most intuitive video marketing platforms that enable users to create videos that speak of professionalism. Whether you want to create business presentations, music videos, or YouTube intros, InVideo will make this happen only in a few minutes.

Even beginners can use this tool like a pro and go about with their video editing journey like a pro. The software comes pre-built with all the features required for making amazing marketing videos. It has got stock footage and templates along with a user-friendly editor. What more do you want?

2. Powtoon

Powtoon is one tool that duly considers the importance of video marketing. This video editor promises to help its users in making the most creative presentations and videos for engaging the viewers very easily.

It is a highly affordable and great service allowing users to make professional-quality videos that offer quick results. The drag and drop functionality of this tool makes the whole video-making and editing procedure interesting.

3. Splasheo

This crowd favorite is a superbly easy video marketing tool that can be used for framing videos for a greater visual impact. Creating visual impact with videos is very important because they have a very short time span.

Long videos and even shorter ones require some help to keep the attention of the audience intact. The tool helps marketers make some wonderful videos by adding attention-grabbing and punchy captions to further make way for visual interest.

4. Wistia

Out of the plethora of video marketing tools available in the market, Wistia is one that comes with exclusive features and ideas. This video tool for marketers is aimed towards fulfilling the objective of the users, which is to make top-quality videos for marketing their brands.

With Wistia, users can create videos in a matter of seconds. They can also try some of the most advanced tools for making their content even better. There are even detailed guides available for making the users understand marketing videos in a better way.

5. WireCast

This is a very useful video marketing tool, especially for marketers looking to do live streams like educational events, conferences, and live interview telecasts. This wonderful tool even boasts of live production software and comes with features for capturing feeds from varied devices. These feeds include camera feeds, web feeds, iOS 8 camera feed, and microphones.

WireCast is also one of the most effective tools that come with built-in attributes allowing the processing of different video formats. The extreme editing features of this tool make way for easy importing, exporting, recording, and sharing of animations and videos.

6. BuzzSumo

Previously, BuzzSumo was used for getting the details of what types of content and what topics attract the majority of viewers and are even shared on varied platforms. Now, with customers making good advantage of the platform, it is largely being used for video marketing.

BuzzSumo helps users search for influencers and offers them the chance to contact and building important relations with the influencers. The procedure ensures that there are several marketers available for spreading the word even before a video is ready.

7. Biteable

This video-making, marketing, and editing software will help you create videos like a pro and that too in no time at all. It comes loaded with a large number of in-built templates making it easier for the editors to make and sell videos at a very rapid pace.

The premium plan of this tool is very beneficial for large business brands and organizations looking to promote their products and services. With Biteable, you can make studio-quality video content just in a matter of few minutes.

Simply choose a style, add content, pick a track, narrate your story and go about sharing it on varied platforms. Moreover, check out these doorbell camera for better security.

8. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is a video editing tool that has been specifically designed for Mac users. The amazing features of this tool, like video editing solutions and professional screen capture, will help you create marketing videos without much hassle.

This is a wonderful video marketing tool that aids users in capturing videos from the screens of varied devices directly. These devices include iPhones, iPads, laptops, Mac desktops, and video cameras.

9. VideoScribe

Yet another exclusive video tool for creating HD animations and videos, VideoScribe will work wonders for all your marketing assignments. There is not much experience required for creating videos using this tool.

The user interface of this tool is quite clear, and beginners can easily understand the same. It even features powerful and impressive graphics that can be used for improving the overall appearance of an animation or a video.

10. Vidgeos

This video marketing and creation app makes it very easy for its users to create animation and videos. The best thing about Vidgeos is that it comes with an auto-translate feature allowing users to market their products and services globally in almost any language.

To Summarize

Making the final decision of choosing a video marketing tool involves something more than simply differentiating between the varied options available online. As a user, you must have your requirements clear, and accordingly, you can work on making the right choice.


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