Donate & Volunteer To Nearby Ngo’s Using Iamhere App


Iamhere, as the name suggests, is an application which says that I am present everywhere. It is a social app that is solely based on location and collaboration of people and things. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business looking for potential customers or you are searching for someone similar to your hobbies and interests, the app fulfills all your needs. 

I am here is a perfect place for all kinds of individuals, business, organization, and professions to interact with one another and discover eminent personalities within their neighborhood. Iamhere helps people to create their avatars, and the map will show nearby business, hobby, interest, or social cause to connect by stories, chats, and call. The app ensures the privacy of the individuals by keeping their personal information private. It allows people to search for their nearby people based on their passion or interest.

The Iamhere is in collaboration with guide star and is considered as the most original source for locating NGOs within the country. The app facilitates a positive outlook towards the social cause and encourages people to make a significant contribution to the welfare of society. The app consists of all the required information regarding the NGOs and their volunteer ship or donation programs. Now your nearby NGO is just a click away from you. 

This hyperlocal startup also enables money donations through the medium of calls or chats. The NGOs can list their advertisements and promotions to inspire more and more people to participate. For instance, the Iamhere is in partnership with goonj NGO for its pan India collection drive during Daan Utsav. Their collection centers and Daan Utsav trucks are accessible through the Iamhere app. 

The app allows individuals to view and navigate what’s happening near you and connects with someone who belongs to your interest area. The search feature of Iamhere app enables you to search for anything like a restaurant, medical store, or bank near you, and the maps will show you all the nearby options available based on your search.

The Iamhere application is highly location sensitive. The app can map food restaurants or parking places or you can find the nearby stores discount offers and hot deals. The app can be very beneficial for small retailers who are looking to expand their business. Since building a good connection within the neighborhood determines the success of any business. This app can help you in various ways for generating income and healthy relationship with your nearby customers.


More clearly to say, through Iamhere, the neighborhood boundaries have been minimized by bringing various hobbies, interest, businesses, or NGOs on a single platform. It helps in making instant connections with people in their neighborhoods.


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