How To Watch MeTV On Roku?


Memorable Entertainment Television popularly referred to as MeTV, has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Being an American cable TV, it telecasts renowned classic TV shows dating between the era of 1930’s and 1990’s. MeTV has become a perfect medium for streaming classic movies along with TV shows. A few of the noteworthy shows are Star Trek, The Three Stooges, etc that come from the libraries of CBS and 20th Century. 

MeTV is liked even more as the audience loves to re-live the golden days that give them a chance to travel back to the rich American cinema of yesteryears. After all, now you can stream MeTV on Roku and dive into the world of good old content, that is hard to experience in the current era. In this guide, we will discuss how to Watch MeTv On Roku in 2024.

how to Activate metv on roku

MeTV Features:

MeTV has gathered a craze. Here are the following reasons for the same:

  • The audience gets a complete dose of fun right from watching TV shows and Music videos to Quizzes and interesting content that is hard to miss.
  • The popular TV shows that will always be on the top, with their marvelous content and choreography in the form of Bugs Bunny, Batsman, Friends, etc. will easily give you goosebumps.  

How To Watch MeTV On Roku [2023]

Even though Roku Channel doesn’t have a MeTV app, you can screen mirror the MeTV app content with the below-mentioned methods. You need to have a PC or smartphone handy.

Follow the below steps to enable screen mirroring on Roku:

  • Your Roku device needs to be connected to the TV, and turn the Wi-Fi connection On
  • While going to the Home Screen, slightly scroll down and select “Settings
  • Once, you do that, there is a wide list of options, so locate and tap the “System” option
  • Finally, in the last step, click on Screen Mirroring > Screen Mirroring Mode and Click Prompt.

soap2day on roku screen mirroring

1. Screen Mirror from Android

The following steps are easy to follow:

  • Make sure that the Roku device and Android Smartphone are on the same WiFi network (As a basic step to Screen Mirror MeTV on Roku from Android)
  • There is a Notification Panel in the smartphone, so go to that place and tap on the ‘Cast’ icon
  • You will be able to get to know the list of nearby devices that are available in the connection. You know that you have to choose a Roku device, so do that
  • Install the MeTV app on your smartphone device. (The app is present in the Google Play Store)
  • While being on the app page, you have the convenience of playing videos and it will be cast on a Roku streaming device.

2. Screen Mirror MeTV on Roku from PC

  • The PC and Roku Device are to be connected with the same WiFi connection
  • Get the latest browser of your choice and visit the official website
  • Here, press the Windows+P key on the keyboard and choose the Duplicate option
  • Now, that you get a list of devices, go for the Roku device from the list
  • There you will find a pleasant difference where the PC screen will mirror the Roku device. This gives you a wonderful chance to play any video that you would love to, from the MeTV website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MeTV available on Roku? 

No, MeTV is not present in the Roku Channel Store

What is the process for me to get MeTV Network on Roku TV?

In order to get the MeTV on your Roku device, you can mirror the smartphone or PC screen on the Roku TV in an easy manner. 

What is the address to get the complete schedule of MeTV programming?

In order to get the detailed schedule of MeTV programming, there is an online address Visit the same and complete the process as required.

How can I get MeTV on Roku?

Since MeTV doesn’t provide its own app for Roku devices, you can easily screen mirror the content either with the help of your smartphone or PC. Hence, you can never be far away from classic and engaging content that you don’t want to miss. 

Is MeTV a legal service?

Yes, MeTV offers a service that is considered legal and it is for this reason, that it is available in the Play Store as well as the App Store.


Finally, you have come so far to know the solution for the basic query of how to watch MeTv on Roku. The audience is simply fans of classic network television, and can’t take their eyes away from MeTV. Now, you can get your complete dose of content, that you have been waiting for easily. Additionally, the steps are very easy to follow and implement, which gives another reason to watch almost instantly. 


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