How to Fix RedGIFs Not Working and Loading Problem?


Social Media has improved human communication in recent years. We all use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social networks to connect with friends, colleagues, and people worldwide.

With the growing modernization in social media, people have started using GIFs to communicate. When it comes to creating GIFs, there’s a popular website i.e. RedGIFs with us.

You can create a classy GIF with emotion and context. It offers a visual representation of what you want to say and that’s why everyone likes to use GIFs. Millions of users use this website daily and create millions of GIFs to share with friends across social networks.

However, many people encounter problems with this website when creating a GIF. If you too are facing the same issue and want to know how to fix RedGIFs not working and loading problem, then this guide will help you out.

Before we jump into the process, let’s check out why you encounter such a problem while creating a GIF on RedGIFs.

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What causes RedGIFs to stop working?

There is no known reason behind why RedGIFs stopped working. Here, we have created a list of reasons that most people have shared on the internet regarding this problem. Let’s check out the list!

  • Poor Internet speed
  • Storage is not available at your end
  • Incompatible operation system of your PC system
  • The image option might be disabled on your PC system

These were some of the common reasons why RedGIFs not working on your computer system. To fix this issue, you can try out the below-given solutions.

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Methods to Fix RedGIFs Not Working and Loading Problem

1. By Refreshing the Website

RedGIF is available to use on PC and mobile devices through its web version. If you use a PC and encounter such a problem, just refresh the current page. It’s easy to refresh the current webpage, just press control+r or go to the settings tab and select the reload option to refresh the current page.

The issue should not be fixed and you can start using the RedGIFs on your PC system. If you still face the same issue, jump on to the next method.

2. By Clearing the Cache of Files

When we surf the web, the web browser stores our surfing files as a cache memory. It makes it easier for the user to load the same web pages faster. However, sometimes the cache files create problems with websites like RedGIFs.

If you see an error saying your RedGIFs not working or loading, try to fix it by clearing the cache memory. If you are not aware of how to fix the cache memory, follow these steps.

How to clear Cache Memory?

  • Go to your web browser app i.e. Google Chrome which most users use.
  • Now, click the three-dot icon from the upper right corner.
  • From the Settings page, click on the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • You’ll be presented with the list of what types of data you want to clear, kindly select the Cached images and files memory option from here.

clear chrome data

  • Click on the Clear data button once you select the option.
  • Wait for the task to complete.

That’s all you have to do to clear the cache memory of your website. Now, close down the window and relaunch the web browser. Go to the RedGIFs and start browsing! If it doesn’t work, try out the nextJ solution!

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3. By disabling Ad-blocker Extension

We all get annoyed with the unwanted advertisements that we see while browsing the web. To keep such unwanted ads away, we all use Ad-blocker add-ons or extensions on our web browsers.

For some, ad-blocker add-on create problems while browsing the web. Many websites don’t allow ad-blockers to run on their web pages. Many users of the RedGIFs have been able to fix their problem by simply disabling the ad-blocker extension.

Go to the Extensions page from the Settings menu of your web browser. Click the toggle button to disable the ad-blocker extension. You can use the personalization option to customize it as per your needs.

disable adblocker extensions

If you use a built-in ad-blocker, you can simply turn it off by visiting the Settings menu. It is located on the Security and Privacy page.

Once done, reboot your system and try to launch the RedGIFs website. The RedGIFs not working issue should be resolved by now. If it doesn’t work, go to the next solution.

4. Enabling JavaScript

Many websites turn off JavaScript automatically. JavaScript is important to load the images and other visuals on the website. If turned off, it might cause loading issues and other problems while surfing the web. If you are facing a problem with RedGIFs, check if JavaScript is enabled or not. If not, follow these steps to enable it manually.

  • Go to the web browser i.e. Google Chrome.
  • Click the three-dot icon from the upper right corner to open the Settings menu.
  • From here, select the Security and Privacy option.
  • Click the JavaScript option given under the Site Settings option.
  • JavaScript page will show you which websites use JavaScript, etc. You can enable it for RedGIFs from here.
  • Once enabled, your web browser will start supporting JavaScript the RedGIFs do not work and the loading problem should be gone.

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5. By using a different web browser

If none of the above-given methods work for you, you should jump on to the new web browser. We have so many web browsers available on the web with faster browsing and better security. You can switch to a different web browser to resolve this issue.

Final Words:

These were all the working solutions to fix the RedGIFs not Working and Loading problem. Try out these solutions one by one and see if the issue is fixed or not. If you are not able to fix it even by using the other web browser, then there might be a problem with the site’s backend. In this case, you can wait for some time until the provider fixes this issue.


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