The Most Popular App Types on the Market


Companies all over the world know how popular mobile devices are at the moment. That’s why developers make sure to have apps for everything since their clients will use them wherever they are. The app market is large and offers all kinds of apps to clients. However, certain types of apps get more widespread attention than others. The following types of apps belong to that fold:

Gaming Apps for Android and iOS

Who doesn’t love to play games on their phone? The current popular trend is mobile gaming and this industry is only a part of the already popular gaming industry. There are all kinds of mobile games in app stores. You’ll find shooters, strategy, card, and board games as apps. They will also differ in size. So you might find pretty big games for your phone but also titles that are under 1MB that you can enjoy.

The iGaming industry is another one that has been keeping track of the mobile gaming trend. That’s why operators have made their sites mobile-friendly. Moreover, developers have made casino apps for Android and iOS which are available in the app stores. They will offer you lots of table and slot games but what’s more important is that they’ll let you play them wherever you are.

Fintech Apps – PayPal, Paytm, MoneyLion and Others

Fintech is slowly but surely playing a bigger role when it comes to making all kinds of transactions. One of the most popular apps is PayPal. However, other apps also do a pretty good job. MoneyLion is another popular US fintech app. It helps users by providing financial assistance by providing clients with access to loans, mediating lending and saving, and also helps them with management.

Paytm is a financial technology company that’s gained a lot of popularity in India. Recently it appointed a new and experienced CEO, Bhavesh Gupta. The company’s clients can use their services via Android and iOS. So far the company’s fintech services let users pay their utilities, bills in grocery stores, restaurants but can also facilitate lending, mobile charges, and more.

Social Media Apps

Social media sites already enjoy large popularity. The apps just increase their influence. Millions of people all over the world have Facebook and Instagram apps installed on their phones. This makes social media more available. You can chat with your friends in real-time, send them pictures and videos, make stories, stream yourself live, play games via the medium, and so on.

Lifestyle Apps

Different people have different lifestyles which is why different types of lifestyle apps exist. For example, there are fitness apps for people who like to keep in shape. But these apps aren’t limited to that group of people as anyone who’s looking to start exercising can download and use them.

Music apps are another popular type of lifestyle apps. Everyone loves a bit of music in their life and thanks to apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube Music people can play their favorite tunes whenever they want to.

No one can live without food which is why food apps were developed. Some of them function as mediators for ordering food while others help clients make reservations online. Additionally, some food apps help people locate a specific food type, e.g. healthy food, while others specialize in allowing customers to pay their restaurant bills via phone. Travel and dating apps are other popular types of lifestyle apps.

Utility Apps

These apps are so popular that people don’t even think about them as apps. You may think that they are just features on your phone but they are separate apps. For example, if you’re planning a trip somewhere then you’ll need to check for the weather and you’ll tap the weather app to do so.

When you’re calculating your bills, a tip at a restaurant, or anything else then you turn on the handy calculator on your phone. Can’t see a thing at night? Then turn on your flashlight. Utility apps are also some of the most popular apps on the market.


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