5 Twitch KPIs You Should Be Tracking in 2024


Live streaming on Twitch is a fun way to make an income while doing what you love. However, the work of a live streamer doesn’t end with choosing a niche, purchasing quality products, and gaining enough Twitch followers to stream your content. It extends to measuring certain metrics and gaining insights into their performance and content visibility.

As a streamer who is investing time and resources into content creation, it is important that you track these five KPIs on Twitch. With the right analysis, you can highlight improvement areas and study the engagement behavior of your viewers.

twitch kpis

Here are five Twitch KPIs every live streamer should know to expand their visibility and attain success. 

1. Concurrent Viewers

The number of people who view your content frequently is an essential metric to take note of. It shows that these people love your streams well enough to watch more and stay updated on future streams.

Another reason why this is important is that you’ll be ranked higher in the Twitch directory as your concurrent viewers increase. The number of concurrent viewers will also increase rapidly over time, hence the need to acquire at least 100 viewers as soon as you can.

When you pay close attention to this KPI, you’ll be able to predict patterns and trends that each niche forms. The content type with the highest views should receive more focus, as it brings in the highest returns.

2. Viewing Duration

You also need to know how much time people spend viewing your stream. Are your streams engaging enough for them to watch them till the end? When the duration of your streams is low, it is a sign that your content needs improvement, or they are not reaching the right audience.

With this data, you can also detect if your account is growing or not. Brands will also be more willing to partner with Twitchers who have a high viewer retention rate, as they can have more people view sponsored ads during streams.

3. Time Broadcast

Track the broadcast time that fetches you more viewers and stick with it. The time broadcast shows you how convenient the time you have picked to stream is for your viewers. So, if your weekly or monthly views are stagnant or decreasing, trying out a new streaming time will help you discover what time works best for your viewers based on an increase in views.

4. Unique Visitors

Tracking the number of unique visitors you’ve had over a period is also essential to measure your growth on Twitch. It will help you get insightful data into how big your audience is and a breakdown of how it grows. Advertisers and brands alike also use this data to determine who to partner with.

5. Chat activity

Engagement is best measured with the chat activity of your streams. It gradually helps you build a community of loyal streamers and automatically promotes your page to more viewers. The chat activity also shows how entertaining and professional your streams are. Also, check out 10 Best Random Video Chats App For Android


Live streaming requires consistency and hard(fun)work if you want to become a successful Twitcher. These metrics should be measured periodically because they help in creating action plans that help you improve your content and grow your account.


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