How to Stream Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix from Anywhere?


Streaming and downloading entertainment related content makes up almost 85% of all internet bandwidth used around the world. With hundreds of shows being produced by the plethora of streaming services now available, audiences are spending millions of minutes online just binge-watching episode after episode. Unfortunately, though, there is a catch to the whole thing because restrictions on content are growing rapidly around the world. 

Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer all either work in one particular country or limit and vary the library that they offer. Lack of demand and licensing problems are the most common reasons sighted by these platforms and while these apply to some extent, they are not always justified. These restrictions stop avid viewers from watching their favorite programs in case they are traveling or sometimes just because they live in a different country. 

Here’s how the most prominent services restrict content and what you can do about it;

BBC iPlayer

Almost every major broadcaster in the world has realized the potential of digital streaming services. Sky, Fox, Disney and BBC are just a few examples of major media houses that have launched their own customized streaming applications. The iPlayer is the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) program which offers access to live shows and archived ones so that people can watch this on-demand. Sadly, BBC iPlayer is exclusively available in the UK. 

One of the most popular shows on BBC iPlayer is Peaky Blinders. It has a huge following around the world but since it is a BBC licensed production, you can’t view it in any other country. Same goes for other shows like Top Gear etc. Even if you are a BBC subscriber and are traveling outside the UK, you have to say goodbye to the privilege of being able to watch these shows and any other content that may be available on BBC iPlayer. 

One of the most effective solutions to this problem is to use a BBC iPlayer VPN. What this service does is that it hides your original IP address by rerouting your data traffic to a secure server in a different part of the world before it goes to the BBC server. This enables you to unblock and access BBC iPlayer at will from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the VPN also keeps you safe from any spying or other potential threats lurking over the internet. 


Much like BBC iPlayer, Hulu is a service that is only available to people residing within US borders because, why not! Hulu doesn’t host channels or shows from any specific service but a mix of almost every notable program out there. From Empire to SNL, from Modern Family to The Handmaid’s Tale and a lot more besides. Some of the channels available on Hulu include ABC, Fox, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, The History Channel, NBC and several others catering to various categories. 

While Hulu on-demand is available on US territories like Puerto Rico and US military bases around the world, Hulu Live is restricted to US soil only. An American living in a different country or travelling abroad for some reason can’t access Hulu unless they use a Hulu VPN like Ivacy. This reliable and robust service offers smart purpose selection that customizes each connection according to what you want to unlock. It is definitely a VPN which is a good choice.  

Amazon Prime

The case of Amazon Prime is a little different. The service is headquartered and was launched in the US but over the years it has expanded to various other countries. It is backed by the eCommerce giant Amazon, a service available in 13 countries worldwide. It’s a streaming service, however, is a different story. The platform is available for viewership in 200 countries but if this makes you excited, wait till we explain further. 

Amazon and Netflix, the service that we will discuss next, offer different libraries in multiple regions. This means that based on viewership, one program that may be available in the US can be restricted in the UK. This means that you’ll need an Amazon Prime VPN if you want to enjoy unrestricted streaming. Amazon Prime has some incredible shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, The Expanse, Bosch, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and The Man in the High Castle. 


Last but not the least is Netflix. It is the biggest streaming service in the world in terms of subscribers and also with regards to hit TV shows. Sadly, Netflix has a similar policy to Amazon Prime and limits access to content based on the region. The only way to get past this is by using, yes you guessed it, a Netflix VPN. This service works effectively at hiding the user’s original location. Be sure to pick a VPN with a good reputation because otherwise, you may run into problems like throttling etc. 


Streaming services have become imperative parts of our lives but the geographic restrictions placed on various services by their owners are becoming a nuisance at the same time. The most efficient way to get around it is by using a credible VPN. 


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