Simple Guides On Organizing Your Garage


Holiday season is back again, and our thoughts are now turned towards spending time with family, friends, and relatives, delicious meals, and Christmas gifts. When our relatives and friends come over to our house this particular time of the year, we usually think about our house’s rooms that they see the most, like the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and dining room.

We tend to neglect our garage because some people don’t find the garage important at all. However, they are wrong. During this holiday season, your garage is your go-to storage for your winter equipment. From the tools, you use to clean off your car to sledge to wet coats. Your garage is your holding area for all the things you want to hide from your visitors coming over for a holiday.

Even if you commit your time and effort to organizing and cleaning the rooms inside your house, there will always be instances in which your guests will visit your garage area. For you to not be embarrassed by its mess, you have to start thinking about putting storage in your garage. Here are some simple steps on organizing your garage on your own.

DIY Shelves

DIY means “Do It Yourself.” Instead of spending extra money this holiday season on buying storage boxes, cabinets, and other things to organize your garage, why not only do it yourself? DIY Shelves are the racks, ledges, mantel, or counter that provide an ideal garage space.

These shelves can serve as your storage for your winter equipment, tool parts, paints, old stuff, and any other thing in your home that you want to put aside. DIY garage shelves are your answer to that messy garage of yours.

Three Important Things To Consider On Making DIY Shelves

Before starting your mission on your  DIY garage shelf, there are three essential things to consider.  First is the materials you’re going to use; woods are excellent materials for shelf such as mahogany, koa, and African padauk because of its strength, longevity, and durability.

Second, you must consider the space of your garage that you’re going to use as a storage area that will not somehow affect the space for your vehicles. Lastly, the things that you want to store on your shelves. Make sure that everything is organized based on what type of material or tools to avoid confusion and to keep it safe away from kids.

Types Of Shelves To Blend with Your Style

Garage Shelves can enhance the ambiance of your room, depending on your design. Here are some racks you can consider making for your garage.

DIY Wall Mounted Garage Shelf – They can save a lot of space, and they are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

DIY Heavy Duty Garage Shelf – These shelves are for heavy loads that can last for a long time.

DIY Pull Out Garage Shelves – Accessible on getting your stored items with one pull or push. They are affordable and easy to clean.

DIY Overhead Garage Shelf – They help you save enough space, and they are very durable for storage.


This Holiday season, don’t focus only on making your living room, bathroom, and kitchen look clean and presentable but also, making your garage look great not only for your satisfaction but also for your relatives and friends who will be coming over for a holiday.

DIY Garage Shelves can help you unlock new skills and decorate and design your garage based on your personal preference. You can now free out your space by storing all the unwanted stuff inside your house like toys, clothes, tool parts to your garage.


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