Top 10 content writing tips for email marketing


Email marketing has become one of the most popular types of marketing today. In addition, given the remoteness of work, it is perfect for students who want to earn extra money.

Admit that when you are a student you are trying to cover everything at once, and often for this, you need to accept the help that is offered to you. Essay Shark is an essay writing service designed specifically for students to at least slightly ease their everyday life and help in writing papers of various types. In the same way that Essay Shark helps you write academic work, this article will help you write quality emails for email marketing and give you 10 great tips.

1. Put your mailbox in order

To increase efficiency, limit the frequency and duration of work with letters. A tool like EmailAnalytics can help you with this, especially if you use Gmail as a CRM platform. This program generates various detailed reports for you. EmailAnalytics can also track the activity of your team members by reporting on the average amount of time spent per email.

Source: EmailAnalytics

2. Use letter templates

Email templates are the best friends of an email marketer. These are almost ready-made letters that can be adapted to a specific email marketing campaign. GetResponse has a rich collection of professionally created templates for every taste.

3. Configure trigger mailings

As the name implies, a trigger letter is automatically sent to the subscriber depending on the profile and the stage of the client’s path on which it is located.

The effectiveness of such letters is as follows: the subscribers get the impression that you took the time to solve their pressing problems and meet their needs. Also, you do not have to spend a lot of time to answer each letter.

4. Segment letters

The fact is that your target audience turns into clients at different speeds. By segmenting the database of email contacts, you get the opportunity to send subscribers more thoughtful and personalized content that meets their interests.

5. Create short, but interesting letters

Your target audience is always busy with something. You only have a few seconds to attract their attention and compel them to open the letter and read the text. Be concise and extremely clear when writing the title of the letter and text. Also, if you divide the text into small paragraphs, it will be convenient to view it on mobile devices.

6. Come up with a newsletter with a selection of relevant materials from your industry

Creating a newsletter with a selection of the most relevant trends and news in your niche is a good way to save time and also offer subscribers useful content. All you have to do is write short phrases describing the essence of the posts that will be added to the newsletter. BuzzSumo is great for this purpose. On this platform, you will find a collection of the most popular blog posts and articles on your keywords.

Source: Buzzsumo

7. Call for action

The headline should call the reader to action. Use verbs for this. For example, the phrase “book a room at Booking” is much more effective than “Booking offers to make a reservation”. So, you make the reader understand what exactly he or she can do.

8. Be clear

The title should be clear, not just catchy. When writing a promotional text, clarity always comes first. If having come up with an understandable headline, you can make it funny, catchy or eccentric, then you are great. But never put the entertainment aspect first.

9. Use second-person pronouns

In the text of the message, use the pronouns of the second person: “you” and “your”. For example: “Leaving home in the morning, do not forget to take your jacket.” Thus, the “focus” of the letter is shifted towards the reader.

10. Talk about product benefits, not product features.

You know the value of your letter. But does the recipient know it? No, not yet. And your task is to explain to him or her.

To sum up

Email marketing is able to effectively achieve any goals of internet marketing. Each of the tips listed above can give you more free time that you can spend on other things. These tips, coupled with discipline and concentration, can significantly increase your productivity.


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