Top 5 Successful Fintech Apps in 2024


Technology has changed a lot of things in the financial sector, so things are no longer the same. From granting loans to providing several payment methods, Fintech mobile app development has made things simpler. As a result, it has become convenient for laymen to step into the world of finance and understand the things associated with it. According to stats, in 2019, more than 60% of customers have used a fintech app across the world. Are you someone thinking of using the best fintech app in 2024? Here it is.

fintech apps

1. MoneyLion

The US-based mobile banking platform gives users the feasibility with financial advice. Not only that, but you can also access loans and operate as a part saving, lending, and part wealth management app. It is said that the app from the fintech startup is close to becoming a unicorn in the financial sector. It is valued at $1 billion, and the app provides several banking services over 55000 fee-free services. The special features of the app are 12% cashback rewards, real-time notification, tracking of credit score, instant transfer, etc.

2. Chime

The app is counted in the list of the fastest-growing mobile-only banks. Through this platform, users can manage their savings and finances in a single place. It gives free ATMs and zero transaction charges across the country. The unique aspect of the platform is it saves by deducting 10% of the amount credited to the account. Over 30,000 fee-free money pass ATM services are offered and offer banking facilities where no minimum balance is required.

3. Robinhood

A pop-culture name is given to the stock trading app and is there for free. Trade indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc., at zero commission charges and have integration with more than 3500 financial authorities in the US. Customers have experienced an optimum trading experience with faster and easier digital account opening facilities. The specialist of the app is you can check the list of investment options, no-commission trading, cash management tools, helping to manage bank accounts, support web and mobile platforms, etc.

4. Mint

In the United States, Mint is a successful fintech app when it is about collecting details in accounts, user’s cards, and transactions. It is a notification alert, reminding people about the bills they have to pay, offering a piece of advice on spending patterns, etc. It helps people have a brief idea of their finances, and all details are encrypted with 256-bit encryption. The details being exchanged are encrypted with 128-bit SSL. It has several other aspects like free credit score analysis, secure signup process, managing balances, bills, creating a budget, etc.

5. Nubank

The app provides details to customers about rewards, saving balances, credit cards in real-time. It is a Brazil-based fintech app, giving access to invoices, tracking your expenses, deleting purchases, etc. It is counted as the sixth-largest financial institution within its home market and does not have any transaction fee with unlimited TED. The aspects you can enjoy here are a rewarding point program, no-annuity credit card, informative blogs, easy and simple user interface, etc.

Final thoughts

A fintech app has qualities, like a secured signup process, real-time notification, etc. It can be secured via one-time message, unique code generation, fingertip recognition, facial identification, etc. The fintech industry is an ever-growing market and experienced an increase of 60% in 2019 from 31% in 2017. Through the apps, the companies can offer online transactions and check the status of their finances. Additionally, it helps in making quick lending decisions, track stocks, and enhances efficiency, improvises risk assessment, while delivering better customer service. Every app has unique features so make sure you operate them carefully.


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