How to Spy On Your Partner’s Social Media?


Facebook maintains its dominance as the most popular social media platform. Facebook is very addicting, consuming a few hours of your day due to the constant flow of entertainment, discussions, and new friends/lovers. If your spouse is being sneaky on his phone, then the below monitoring apps are perfect for you to spy on your partner’s suspicious activity. 

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How to Spy On Your Partner’s Social Media?


In terms of feature set and affordability, EvaSpy is the best monitoring app available. It provides a full surveillance solution for Android in addition to merely eavesdropping on Facebook communications. Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, and Hangouts are among the most popular messaging and social applications tracked by the app. 

EvaSpy also records incoming and outgoing calls, as well as providing you with extra information such as call duration, time, and caller information. Website and app banning, search query recording, keylogging, contact list access, and access to the device’s media files are among the other monitoring options (photos, videos, and audio). Also, check out How To See and Delete Hulu Watch History?


mSpy boasts that it is the best app for parental monitoring. If you look at the app’s capabilities, it’s difficult to argue with this assertion. To meet your demands, mSpy includes 36 monitoring options, including Facebook spy. You’ll be able to view any incoming and outgoing messages, as well as media assets, that are transmitted over Facebook. You’ll be able to see who your youngster converses with and what they talk about as a result of this. As a result, you may take rapid action in the event of a threat.

mSpy can track more than 10 major messaging and dating applications, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Tinder, in addition to Facebook. Furthermore, the software comes with a slew of top-notch monitoring tools, including call and SMS monitoring, location tracking, app banning, screen recording, and more.


Using XNSpy to track Facebook Messenger online is simple. On your online console, you may read all Facebook chats. You may also see the time, date, and sender information for every media file that the user saves to their device from Facebook. All captured data may be easily exported to a destination off-server. Also, check out How to Detect Spyware on Your Android Device?

XNSpy’s feature set isn’t as extensive as EvaSpy and mSpy’s, but it still provides a full monitoring solution for mobile devices. You can use XNSpy to watch a user’s location, record their calls, receive alerts on certain problematic keywords, and track their emails and appointments. One of the finest features of the software is that it continues to monitor the device even if no Internet connection is available. However, you’ll need an Internet connection to follow the gadget in real-time.

Mobile Tracker free

Mobile Tracker Free allows you to view every Facebook message sent and received. The report includes the date, time, and information about the recipient/sender in addition to the content. Mobile Tracker free, unlike many other programs on our list, does not require rooting to spy on Facebook Messenger. However, the creators still advise rooting the device to ensure that all messages are tracked properly.

Apart from Facebook tracking, the program offers a fairly conventional collection of capabilities, including SMS and call recording, GPS location history, monitoring of popular messengers, live screen viewing, scheduling limitations, and more. You may use this software to monitor and operate the device remotely through SMS. All you have to do is send an SMS to the device’s number with a password and a particular instruction.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to hack Facebook Messenger chats? Hoverwatch is the solution. It records both incoming and outgoing Facebook messages. When a user transmits an audio or video file, the program saves it as well. The fact that messages are kept in a chat form as the user views them is especially useful to me. No more sifting through tidbits of text; instead, examine the chat history in chronological order.

Call recording, SMS monitoring, Snapchat and Viber surveillance, screenshots, detecting SIM card changes, and more are all available with Hoverwatch monitoring app. Because the program operates in stealth mode, the user will have a hard time detecting the monitoring.


You will find Facebook spy useful whether you are a parent of a teenager or a manager in a large organization. With so many applications on the market, picking the right one may be difficult. If you’re not sure which app to use, check a handful that provides a free trial period.


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