How to Suggest Friends On Facebook?


We all just love connecting to our friends and family on Facebook, isn’t it? After all, where can you get such a great way to connect with your friends and loved ones? You can also suggest your friends. Using this you can make even long lost friendships meet back again. But with the recent UI and UX changes, Facebook moved the option from its existing place. This has made it a tad more difficult to suggest friends. 

But hey, I am here for you don’t worry. Keep on reading and I will show you how you can suggest friends on FB, the most popular social media network.

suggest friends on facebook

Follow the steps that I mention below and you’ll be able to help the friends meet again.

But first of all, let me tell you why is the process complicated now.

The simple answer to this is that Facebook has denied using any sort of location data for suggesting friends because of the questions about the so accurate section of “People You may know”. This feature of FB displays people who have no new or only a few mutual on the network.

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook?

Follow this to suggest friends on Facebook’s desktop website

Step 1: Sign up or Sign in to your existing Facebook account.

Step 2: Now you to go to the profile of the friend you want to suggest friends.

Step 3: you will see a friend’s button over there. Take you mouse cursor over it

Step 4: Now just select Suggest friends on Facebook option.

Step 5: Now search for the person to be suggested and then press the suggest friend button that you can find beside their name.

Other than this method, there is no other way to suggest a friend from a mobile device, not even from the Facebook app that is available for Android phones and iOS devices. So, the only option remains is to use the desktop view from a browser like Chrome or Firefox and then follow these steps. Also, read out How to Enable Dark/Night Mode On Snapchat?


Now I think that you would be able to find the suggest friends’ option if facebook using the above-mentioned steps. It is always great to make people meet their old friends and family members. If you got any sort of help from this article please share it with your loved ones as well. If you got any doubts leave them in the comments below.


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