FRP Bypass Apk: Did you forget the FRP login credentials of your Android smartphone? We have found the easiest way to remove Google account verification from any Android device. As we know that most of the Android device comes with Factory Reset Protection which is the most successful way to secure our phone’s data from being misused by anyone. The user who owns the device needs to enter the FRP login credentials whenever they reset their smartphone. Without this step, they can’t start using their phones. But, sometimes when they forget their FRP login details, it becomes a serious cause for concern as they can’t use their own device.

There is a way using which you can bypass FRP lock very easily if you are having the same problem. We have brought the FRP Bypass Apk which helps you to remove the Google account verification on any Android smartphone. FRP Bypass Google Account Apk actually removes the old login credentials which were used earlier and allows you to add a new email address of your choice. The Factory Reset Protection is necessary as it secures your smartphone from being used by any other person in case it is lost or stolen. When you reset your device, you will be asked to enter the same details which were used for the first time while setting up the device.

If you have also forgotten your FRP details then no need to worry about it. The FRP Bypass Apk will surely help you to bypass the Google verification and you’ll be able to use your smartphone. The Bypass Google Account Apk can be used on almost all the Android phones. It includes the devices like Samsung J7, J2, Samsung J5 Prime, Micromax, ZTE and so many other mobile brands. The application is very easy to use but it has the different procedure from all the other normal application. Don’t worry, we will guide you through the steps to install and use this application on your Android smartphone.

FRP Bypass Apk

FRP Bypass Apk

Here we are going to provide you the download link for FRP Bypass Apk. You can download the application from the download button given below. Also, check out the FRP Bypass Tools which we have shared earlier on our blog. With the help of them, you can bypass Gmail verification on your phone. given below.

   Download FRP Bypass APK

App Name FRP Bypass apk
App Size 46 KB
Purpose Bypass Google verification
Type Apk
Last Updated 04 October 2019

Requirements to use FRP Removal Apk

Before you read further steps to use this application, you should know about the requirements which you have to keep ready to perform this procedure. Here are the basic things which you need to keep ready.

  • FRP Bypass Apk file (download from the given link)
  • A Pendrive or USB drive
  • An OTG Cable
  • A PC or any other device which supports USB Pendrive.

That’s all. If you have all these things you can proceed to the steps. We need a PC or any other device because we can’t directly install the application. With the help of OTG, we will install the application. Well, check out the steps given below to know how to bypass Google account verification when your phone is locked. You may also like iCloud Bypass Tool

How to Bypass Google Account Verification using FRP Bypass Apk?

It is time to show you the steps to remove Google account verification from the device which is asking for FRP login details. The steps given below are tried by us and it worked very well. This application is working with most of the device including Samsung.

  • Firstly, you have to download the Bypass Google Apk file to your Computer.
  • Send the downloaded file to a Pendrive or USB flash drive.
  • Turn on the device on which you have to unlock FRP. Also, follow all the initial steps.

frp bypass app

  • When it asks you to enter the email address, connect the OTG cable and Pendrive on the other side into your smartphone.
  • You will now get access to your file manager. Find the FRP Bypass Apk file and tap on it to install.
  • A warning message regarding “Unknown Sources” will be appeared. Click on the Settings and mark check on Unknown Sources.
  • Now, you can install the application on your phone. When it finishes the installation, click on launch and open the application.
  • You will be automatically redirected to the Settings of your phone.
  • Perform a Factory Data Reset from there to remove the previously stored details.
  • Finally, your Google account will be removed from your phone. Restart your device and initially setup your smartphone by using a different email address.

This was how you can remove the Factory Reset Protection lock from any Android smartphone. These steps are quite simple and you can easily download FRP Bypass apk from the given link. Factory Reset Protection is good as it protects our smartphone from unwanted access to anyone. If we lost our phone, there is a fear in our minds about our privacy. You must also try out Gadgetwide Cloud control if you have forgotten the login credentials of your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many similar questions asked by many users regarding this application. So, here I have answered all of them so you don’t have to ask me again.

Que 1. Does FRP Bypass Apk work with all the Android devices?

Answer: Yes, this application supports almost all the Android smartphones running Android version 5.0 or above

Que 2. Is it safe to use this application on our phone?

Answer: Yes, this application is totally safe and you can use this tool to Bypass Google Account without any fear.

Que 3. Will this application delete all the data from my smartphone?

Answer: Yes, this application erases all the data of your smartphone and reset your phone’s settings.

Que 4. Does FRP Bypass Apk works on rooted devices only?

Answer: No, your phone doesn’t need root access in order to use this application.


Most of the people asked what to do if I forgot my FRP login details? This was the perfect solution for those people.  Through this article, we have shared the FRP Bypass Apk for you. I hope you have used Bypass Google Account Apk to remove FRP lock on your phone. In case you are facing any type of problem, let us know in the comments section. We will try to respond as soon as possible.


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