The Advantages of Using an Android Phone


Android is a mobile OS that is powered by Google and is a strong competition of Apple’s iOS system. In 2016, Android gathered a staggering 86% of smartphone sales, which included popular Samsung mobile phones. While Apple is considered the industry leader in smartphones, Android definitely gave them a run for their money in the race for technology dominance.

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Understanding more of the benefits of owning a mobile phone that runs on Android is part of the process of making an informed decision:

An Array of Phone Choices

When it comes to the smartphone you want to purchase, Android has a lot of choices to offer, from inexpensive to high end. Low-end Android smartphones include Moto G Fast, Google Pixel 3a, TCL 10L, Moto G Power, Asus Zenfone 2, and Samsung Galaxy A51. For the high-end Android phones, there is the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus, OnePlus 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Oppo Find X2 Pro, Xiaomi Mi Note 10, OnePlus 8, Motorola’s Moto Turbo, and Sony Xperia 1 II.

Manufacturers for Android phones are so many, including Samsung, Oneplus, Nokia, and OPPO. On the other hand, the iPhone only has a single type of phone. In other words, if you have no budget for an iPhone, then you cannot own one, which is not the problem with Android phones. 

Android App Market

With an Android phone, there are numerous applications you can install on it for free through Google Play, Amazon, and Aptoide. In case an app crashes, you can get the error code online and be able to search how to fix it. But, for an iPhone user, you either delete the app or wait for a bug fix from the manufacturer. 

Universal Chargers

Another perk of using Android is that it comes with the standardised Micro USB connection for its chargers, which means it is ubiquitous with all its devices. Also, Android is fast-charging and provides better charging options. 

Bigger Screen

While you can purchase an Android smartphone with less money, you can get a comparatively bigger screen compared to an iPhone. So, if you want a larger screen for your smartphone within your budget, Android is a perfect choice. 

Ease of Notification

Any activity that transpires in your Android phone will be displayed on the screen as notifications in real-time. So, you will receive alerts on your phone when there is a new email, message, and other activities. With Android, you will not miss a thing. 

Google Friendly

Considering that Google operates Android, practically smartphones that are Android-based are integrated with the most popular services of Google like Gmail, Google Docs, Hangouts, Google Reader, etc.

Access to the Best Widgets

Widgets are programs that add flexibility and functionality to Android devices such as Samsung mobile phones. The widgets are one of the reasons why Android phones have been popular in the market for many years. Choosing your widgets is a joyful experience, so do not disregard them. Some of the best Android widgets are Circle Launcher, Material Music Widget, ASCII System Monitor, Stuff, and Battery Widget Reborn. There are more high-quality Android widgets available for use. 

With all the advantages that an Android phone offers its user, you have more reasons to buy a new one for yourself or a loved one.

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