Clutter-Free Environment: 5 Wicker Storage Baskets You Need To Have In Your Home


One of the most popular storage options today is the wicker storage baskets. You can say that these baskets are the perfect solution to keeping away all those extra bobs and bits that frequently have a sneaky way of messing up even if your home is the most organized of all. In addition to that, wicker storage baskets are versatile enough for you to fit them in any area around your household.

Also, whatever the theme you have in your house, you can easily add a wicker storage basket anywhere you like. With its neutral and natural look, you won’t have any problems blending them into any kind of room. On the other hand, you can also design them to your preferred style. Here are some of the most popular wicker storage baskets you can find online to give you more insight.

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Willow Wicker Laundry Basket by Household Essentials

If you have clothes snagging on wicker laundry hampers, the best solution you can get is the willow wicker laundry basket by Household Essentials. You can actually purchase storage baskets like this online without any complication. The good thing about this basket is that it’s sizeable. It also comes with a removable liner that serves as protection for delicate fabrics.

One feature as well is that the inner liner of the basket can be used as a cover that protects your clothes when you wash them.

Oval Baskets by TableCraft Products

If you’re looking for a versatile wicker storage basket, then you might want to consider having the oval basket by TableCraft Products. It comes in twelve wicker baskets, which are suitable in any area of your house. They have a minimalistic design that can seamlessly fit in the kitchen, living room, and even bedroom. You can use them to store any loose bits to keep your area neat and tidy.

Decorative Woven Cotton Rope Basket By Mintwood

If you’re looking for an ideal wicker storage basket that you can put in your home, you might want to consider having the Decorative Woven Cotton Rope Basket by Mintwood. It’s one of the largest wicker storage baskets you can find in the market today. As you know, the bigger the basket is, the more storage space it provides. This way, you’ll be able to store pillows, blankets, extra towels, toys, and other occasionally used items.

For some people, it doesn’t look like a wicker basket. However, with the aesthetics and style it provides, you can say that it belongs to the wicker family of storage baskets. You shouldn’t allow any unnecessary things to pile up in your home, and make use of this type of storage to keep your area cluttered-free at all times.

Decorative Wicker Chest By Household Essentials

If you think wicker storage baskets are a great addition to your home, well, you might want to have the Decorative Wicker Chest by Household Essentials. It’s included in the most durable wicker storage baskets list. This chest doesn’t just provide you with enough storage space, but it can also serve you as a storage bench.

With its structure, you can easily say that it’s reliable and sturdy. This storage chest can also be used as a table where you can enjoy your coffee early in the morning. Undoubtedly, it can be a great addition to your home.

Kobo Square Rattan Storage Basket By Kouboo

Before buying the perfect storage basket, there are things you need to put into consideration. This includes the size, color, style, design, measurement, shape, price, and storage space. Once you’ve identified everything, you might be on a cruise to finding the most suitable storage basket for your household. So, if you’re looking for a unique yet useful design, check out Kobo Square Rattan Storage Basket by Kouboo.

With this storage basket, you won’t have any problems placing it anywhere in your home as it can easily fit in any theme in your area. But, it’s most suitable in the bedroom or living room. With this, you can store any items you want, such as towels, pillows, extra essentials, etc.


Storage baskets are long essential in the house. It doesn’t matter how you would use it, because as long as it serves its purpose, you’re looking at a clean and tidy area. There is still a lot more you need to know about wicker storage baskets, from smallest, largest, stylish, and versatile, to providing enough storage space. Storage baskets will always be a great addition to your household and the key to keeping your place clutter-free.


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