Devices that are best suited for HR professionals in Australia


Working in Human Resources in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter, offers a lot of professional satisfaction. The best part is that HR professionals are among the lucky few who can take their work with them wherever they want. All you need is a few devices and you can do your job sitting in a caffe or soaking up the sun in your front garden.

Let’s have a look at the devices that seem to be created especially to make the life of a recruiting agent so much easier.

Smart devices for smart working in HR Roles


HR professionals are among the busiest employees in any company. There’s always someone who needs a word with you. That’s the main reason most businesses offer their HR personnel top-of-the-line office phones. They make sure you’re always within easy reach, but the good thing is that carrying a smartphone allows you to be anywhere you want.

If you want to take a long coffee break you can sip on your cappuccino and go over important files at the same time.

You can use your phone to check your schedule or answer your emails. If you’re in the middle of hiring someone, you don’t need to spend your day locked in the office. A good phone allows you to check how many job applications you’ve received and decide how many of them qualify for a job interview.

At the same time, your phone is all you need to run some pre-employment screening checks. For instance, if you’re about to hire someone you can order a background check like a police check on them over the phone. You can access an online background check service and input all the necessary information on the new employee. It only takes a couple of minutes to do that. Your coffee won’t have time to get cold in such a short time. And you’ll get the results in a couple of days, via email, so you can review their criminal history, if they have any, while you’re on an extended lunch break.

Or you can take the rest of the day off, go home and work from the comfort of your living room. After all, you can check a candidate’s social media accounts over the phone sitting on your sofa just as well as doing it at your desk.

Tablet / iPad

Some people prefer iPads, while others feel more at ease using Android-based tablets. No matter which you prefer, such a device is a must for an HR professional in Australia. Sure, most of the things you can do on a tablet can also be done on a smartphone, but why not take advantage of modern technology and use a device with a larger screen?

If your organisation uses cloud computing, you can access all sorts of documents on your iPad no matter where you are.


Some jobs are too much for a phone or tablet to handle. You also need a laptop. Take, for instance, Zoom calls. They’re way easier to do over a laptop. Also, if you want to schedule a job interview over Zoom or Skype you will definitely want a big screen. For this type of interview, it is essential that you get a good look at the job applicant. You need to be able to watch their facial expressions and get every nuance in their voice, to understand if they are being truthful.

If you’re missing any of these devices, you should definitely have a word with your boss!


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