Is Mobile Gaming Actually Worth it in 2024?


In the modern world, gaming on an iOS or an android device is a commonly explored method of entertainment for a large chunk of society. In fact, mobile gaming’s growth has been impossible to ignore, with its notable penetration coming in 2018 when Newzoo revealed that mobile gaming revenue made up over 50% of the overall games market that year.

Since then, mobile gaming has continued to rise up the entertainment ranks as people search for ways to play games. Of course, using our miniature communication tools isn’t the only gaming option we have available to us these days, but the rise in the number of mobile gamers suggests that there is certainly an appetite for it. For some, though, the smaller screen simply doesn’t suffice, while others prefer the more detailed games that are typically seen on PC and console machines.

is mobile gaming worth it in 2024

Despite some resistance from the gaming community as a whole, mobile gaming most definitely works for a large proportion of society. With that in mind, let’s assess some of the key reasons as to why mobile gaming is most definitely worth it in 2024.

A convenient gaming opportunity that can be explored with ease

One of the main ingredients behind the success of smartphone gaming has to be down to its convenience. Given the portable nature of smartphone devices, people essentially have an array of gaming products sitting in their pockets. These games take seconds to download, they’re fun to play and easy to grasp, and they don’t require the time and attention that hugely detailed console games do. Additionally, PC and console gaming can only be explored in an indoor environment, while mobile gaming lends itself to a busy lifestyle and caters for people who want to game but don’t enjoy the sedentary habits that typically come with gaming indoors. As long as a smartphone user has an internet connection, then a wealth of gaming products are readily available for them to access with ease.

Mobile gaming represents a more affordable option

Given the fact that the vast majority of us own a smartphone device anyway in the modern world, gaming on our miniature handheld machines is therefore affordable. Games are typically free or incredibly cheap, you don’t need to invest in multiple accessories to elevate specific games, particularly if you’re partial to more simple titles like Candy Crush and Lucky Blackjack Online, and there are no additional hidden fees that catch up with you, with the most likely option being in-app purchases for some games which are optional anyway.

Console gaming, on the other hand, has reached extortionate levels these days, with people struggling to justify the vast sums of money that are typically required to build a killer console or PC gaming setup. Mobile games cost very little or they’re completely free, making mobile gaming a more attractive gaming service for millions of people on earth.

Mobile games are actually good now

is mobile gaming in 2024 worth it

Somewhat understandably, mobile games used to have a bad reputation. Whether it was due to annoying controls or simply that some products weren’t suited to mobile platforms, gaming on a phone has received plenty of criticism over the years. Now, though, thanks to the dramatically improved smartphones of today, games developers are able to release far more detailed gaming products.

This has resulted in console games now making the jump over to mobile, there are virtual reality products being explored by mobile gamers, augmented reality titles like Pokemon Go, and a whole lot more. Gone are the days when mobile gaming products were limited and simply didn’t deserve a great deal of time and attention.


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